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Awakening Your Prana Shakti


Zero Point Yoga Video 4:

  • Step into the realm of personal experience!
  • Experience the spiritual bliss within the causal level of your being.
  • Wake up to the dimension of prana shakti, or vital life force power.
  • Learn the traditional yogic methods for awakening prana shakti.


The Quickest Way I Know To Awaken Your Prana Shakti, Enjoy Higher Energy And A More Charismatic Presence!

Prana shakti is the vital power at the foundation of your being. It is similar to the frequency, or vibration, you currently oscillate at, and that characterizes your overall level of both vital life-force energy and level of consciousness.

With a stronger surge of vital power you can enjoy higher energy, better health, a sharper intellect, greater creativity, a charismatic presence, and many inner spiritual experiences.

This HD yoga video teaches the authentic yogic methods for awakening your prana shakti, allowing you to have increasingly greater glimpses of the luminous radiance and ecstatic tremoring of this causal vital power.

At this stage your experience of inner space has begun to yield great fruit, as you discover that within the sea of infinite potential of inner space is not empty, but full of an electrical current of power that is virtually limitless in its magnitude.

As you make contact with the tremoring and throbbing sensation of kundalini shakti, your inner experience of spiritual bliss becomes stronger and more acute. A wave of intoxicating bliss can be felt pulsating out from within the subtle core of your being.

The awakening of prana shakti is a prerequisite for spiritual experiences to begin unfolding from within. After this awakening all yogic practices bear great fruit. This awakening brings you from the realm of intellectualism to real personal experience.


Info: Info: Instructional yoga video with audio companion and workbook
: 47 minutes

Files: 3
Type: Mp4, Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners and Intermediate


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