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Awakening With Tantric Symbolism


Yoga Nidra Audio Course Session 1

  • Experience increasingly deeper states of total mental and physical relaxation.
  • Experience the rejuvenating bliss of inner silence.
  • Begin a personal practice of yoga nidra and experience the long-term benefits of this powerful yogic technique.
  • Get fast relief from all forms of nervous tension.
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How To Experience Total Physical And Mental Relaxation And Connect To Your Core Of Inner Strength And Personal Power…

Yoga nidra is a practice of pratyahara, sense-withdrawal, and is the perfect complimentary practice to meditation. The state of relaxation in yoga nidra is much deeper than that of even sleep, as we maintain awareness of going deeper and deeper into physical and mental relaxation, allowing for a more total release of habitually held nervous tension.

Yoga nidra is the most powerful and fastest way to relieve the neuro-muscular tension in your body, so you can experience total physical and mental relaxation.

During sleep we often toss and turn, and are not able to fully release the more subtle muscular contractions and mental tensions. Yoga nidra assists in releasing physical, mental, and emotional tension. Eventually the subconscious impressions can surface and be purified, making this practice a powerful psycho-therapeutic technique.

In this session we will begin with the most basic techniques of this method to provide a foundational introduction to the practice of yoga nidra.


Info: 1 complete yoga nidra session with workbook.
Duration: 34 minutes
Files: 2
Type: Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


“Wonderful session for the beginners, great.” – Susithra
“Really beautiful session. Thank you!” – Lisa


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