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Awakening The Pranic Body


Zero Point Yoga Nidra Session 5

  • Improve your health and vitality quickly and naturally.
  • Awaken to the dimension of cosmic energy, Maha Prana.
  • Have the charismatic energy and inner drive to live each day to its absolute fullest!
  • Feel and look years younger with improved health and greater vitality!


How To Quickly Awaken Your Pranic Body And Feel Revitalized And Rejuvenated With An Abundance of Natural High Energy Now!

On the dimension just beyond matter is the subtle dimension of energy. The energy body, or pranic body, can be seen as a subtle energetic template for the physical body. The health and vitality of the energy body is directly related to the health of the physical body. Illnesses, injuries and diseases of any type can be corrected completely by learning to perceive, directly experience and consciously direct prana through the energy body, or pranamaya kosha.

This fun, easy to listen to, yet potent guided meditation guides you step-by-step through the authentic yogic and tantric methods used to awaken your perception to the dimension of bioenergy within the pranic body.

The pranic body does not have many of the same limitations the physical body has, and many incredible physical feats can be achieved with skills learned through mastering the energy body.

Beyond the anamaya kosha , or the physical body composed of matter, is the pranamaya kosha , or the energy body, composed of prana. Energy is the link between matter and consciousness, which distributes vitality to each and every cell, regulating and maintaining your physical existence.

This stage of the practice is designed to provide you with a powerful personal experience of the energy body, which brings about an awakening of awareness to the more subtle dimensions beyond the physical body. This is a powerful awakening and a necessary prerequisite for moving on to the more advanced practices.

The techniques learned in this session allow you to completely transcend the realm of matter and have a direct experience of your pranamaya kosha. Upon gaining proficiency in this skill you quickly and intuitively learn the practices in the following sessions for consciously directing the vital power of prana shakti for maintaining optimal health, healing your self and others, manifesting your desires, as well as for awakening and spiritual liberation.


Info: 1 complete yoga nidra session with workbook.
Duration: 49 minutes
Files: 2
Type: Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


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