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Ajna Chakra Yoga Sadhana Video


Chakra Yoga Course Video 1

  • Enjoy spontaneous and deeply rewarding meditations.
  • Awaken your divine eye of spiritual knowledge.
  • Remain centered in the perspective of the silent witness within.
  • Intuitively direct the vital bioenergy of prana shakti for healing and spiritual awakening.
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This Powerful Yoga Video Helps You Remain Calm And Imperturbable Throughout The Process Of Your Spiritual Awakening…

When you awaken your third-eye chakra, ajna, fruitful meditation comes easily and spontaneously. The third-eye chakra is the threshold to spiritual experiences, illumination and spiritual awakening.

With an awakened third-eye chakra you are able to enjoy a state of heightened intuition, greater intelligence and divine knowledge, as you perceive the mysteries of the universe through your own inner vision.

By awakening your ajna chakra you are able to remain detached from the experiences of the body and mind, maintaining a non-partisan third party perspective throughout the sometimes hectic process of spiritual awakening. This is a necessary pre-requisite for the yogi whom is serious about embarking upon the spiritual path and awakening their kundalini shakti.

Enjoy Highly Fruitful And Spontaneous Meditations

As one begins the process of purification and awakening many aspects of the shadow self must be addressed and transcended. By remaining equipoised in the perspective of the silent witness within, you are able to allow the process of inner detoxification to occur without any unnecessary inner turmoil, stress and fear.


Info: Instructional yoga video with audio companion and workbook.
: 60 min.

Files: 3
Type: Mp4, Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


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