Free Pranic Healing

“If you know how to control the little
waves of prana working through the mind,
then the secret of subjugating Universal
Prana will be known to you.”

~Swami Sivananda

What Is Pranic Healing And How Does It Work?

Prana is that subtle all-pervasive life force energy which powers consciousness and animates all life. It is the essence of your body; that subtle sap which gives your body the luster of health, youthfulness and vitality. Prana is life! When prana leaves the body, life leaves the body; and the more prana you have, the more life, energy and wakefulness you have!

Prana protects and nourishes all the organs, it is the energetic blueprint which all matter organizes itself around. By increasing your quantum of prana you are re-energizing and revitalizing the subtle template of your body, thereby restoring your natural physical and mental state of perfect health.

Prana is your inner power by which food is digested, nutrients are disseminated, blood is circulated, the senses are able to perceive and awareness is able to dawn. With more prana you have higher natural energy levels, with higher energy – you have higher consciousness, awareness and joyfulness!

The modern lifestyle drains us of our prana very rapidly. We are constantly over stressed, over stimulated and under rested. We can’t even find a way to relax without inundating our senses with more stimuli. When your pranic reserves are low, people often enter into states of depression and hopelessness in which their energy is so low that everything appears miserable and meaningless. Coming out of this mire of negativity seems next to impossible. This is quickly solved by receiving a powerful boost of pranic energy to the very core of your being!

Pranic healing is achieved by converting prana into magnetic energy and then into a flow of psychic energy, which is projected to the patient from ajna chakra. The pranic energy you receive then breaks up any stagnated energy, improves the distribution and flow of life-force energy and corrects any imbalance/misalignment in the subtle body. The correction to the subtle body then gradually overtime brings correction to the physical body.

Benefits Of Receiving Pranic Healing:

  • Quickly heal from any sickness, ‘incurable’ illness, or disease.
  • Quickly heal from any viral/bacterial infection.
  • Quickly heal from any injury/surgery.
  • Restoration and rejuvenation.
  • 100% safe and noninvasive alternative to pharmaceutical/allopathic medicine.
  • Revitalize the subtle energetic template of any organ, gland, limb, etc.
  • Correct any psychosomatic disorders.
  • Accelerate your natural rate of healing.
  • Receive a powerful boost to your overall energy levels.
  • Unblock any stagnated energy causing poor health.
  • All mental and psychological disorders/imbalances are addressed by sending prana to the corresponding chakra.

How To Get Started And What To Expect…

  1. Select a date and time from the calendar below. After confirmation you receive detailed instructions on the Thank You page.
  2. Send a self photo to the email address indicated after scheduling your appointment. The photo should ideally be of only you. A full body image is preferred, but at least from waist to the top of your head should be visible. No nudity or inappropriate images, please!
  3. When your specified hour has come. Find a quiet place to sit or lie in shavasana and begin practicing the meditation technique given to you on the confirmation page.
  4. Relax, still the body and silence the mind: Be open to receiving cosmic energy, Mahaprana, from the universe.
  5. The peak of pranic transmission occurs about 25 to 30 minutes in to the session. Actual sensations experienced will vary based upon your own personal ability to sense prana, but can be quite intense. You typically notice a refreshing boost in energy experienced as enthusiasm, charisma, elation and self-born joy!

Pranic healings are currently being held during the hour of the Sun on the first Sunday of every month.

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