Applied Prana Vidya

Prana Nidra is the practical applied component to the yogic science of Prana Vidya, where we learn to sense, awaken, distribute and withdraw prana consciously for healing ourselves and others. Prana, or life force, is abundant in the universe. Everything exists because of prana. The level of vitality, awareness, health and the duration of our longevity are all dependent directly on prana. By learning to increase our personal quality and quantity of prana we are able to maintain high awareness, as well as enjoy a more expansive and joyous mind and attitude. With an greater abundance of prana our meditation practice is now supercharged, we find it easier to bring the oscillating mind to a state of one-pointedness and have the energy to remain alert beyond the threshold of sleep.

Overview of Prana Nidra

During prana nidra we first learn to sense the five prana vayus expanding from manipura with the inhalation, and returning with the exhalation. Next we awaken prana shakti first in pingala nadi, then at ajna chakra. Because ajna chakra is the master switch for muladhara and sushumna nadi, once it is active the root chakra and spinal pathway are active as, well. Now we are ready to build Prana Shakti up at ajna by directing it up through the spinal passage of sushumna. Once a palpable sensation of Prana at ajna is felt, we begin to distribute it either within our body or outside of us for healing. Then we do a self purification pranic bath before returning the prana back to muladhara.

Once you learn how to consciously direct prana shakti you will find you can speed up the rate of recovery and healing, awaken chakras, heal others on the psychological level, heal with a mental image, photograph, object or by touch, to treat viral and bacterial infections, and even to manage cancer.


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