The Complete Chakra Yoga Course

Radiate the inner joy of perfect self-born bliss!

  • Over 6 Hours of Video
  • 8 Instructional Yoga/Meditation Videos
  • 8 PDF Workbooks


Chakras are the whirling vortices of energy where the mental and vital powers converge creating the various levels of your consciousness. However, in most people these wheels of energy are neither whirling, nor are they in alignment; resulting in dissipated energy, inner tension and dissonance.

By working on your chakras you are transcending your current limitations, improving your perception of life, removing any energetic blockages and aligning your body, heart, mind, soul and spirit for a more fulfilling and meaningful encounter with life.


  • Unblock any stagnated energy for more vitality and wakefulness!
  • Transcend all your current personal challenges and limitations!
  • Awaken the dormant regions of your brain!
  • Purify your body, mind, heart and soul!
  • Radiate the inner joy of perfect self-born bliss!
  • Learn the traditional yogic techniques for each chakra.

Upon beginning this course you receive a comprehensive exposition of each chakra, it’s significance as well as the traditional time-tested tantric and yogic techniques for stimulating, purifying and awakening each one.

This is a complete course on the chakras; you get full detailed guided instruction for the subtle points of each yogic technique. These practices assist you in reconnecting to your higher self, your true nature. Brings balance, harmony, and inner peace into your life; as well as physical health and an improved overall sense of wellbeing.

Each chakra pertains to a certain dimension of consciousness and a corresponding region of your brain, which is presently dormant for most. To awaken a certain chakra means to awaken that previously dormant region of your brain, bringing about super-genius levels of creativity, wit and inspiration.

All the chakras are visualized in the spinal column and have their corresponding trigger point on the front side of your body. Awakening each chakra can be done with asana (posture), pranayama (breath), and simple concentration techniques utilizing bija mantras, the breath and a refined awareness of these subtle locations in your body.

This course makes learning these techniques both fun and easy!

Over the millenia many various secrets and short cuts have been developed for locating, stimulating and awakening the chakras, even for those who have difficulty visualizing and concentrating. These short cut methods have been recorded, archived and passed down from generation to generation through the ancient spiritual system of tantra and yoga.

These are those methods.

The postures combined with breath awareness creates electromagnetic currents, which concentrate in the spine, and remove all energetic blockages you might have.

The breathing techniques improve the subtle flow and circulation of life force energy within your body.

Internal locks, or bandhas, stimulate the endocrine glands and bring glandular balance.

Gestures, or mudras, are methods for controlling your internal flow of energy. Through mudras you can control the amount of energy coming into your body, and direct it to the spinal passage, chakras and the brain.

In this course you are learning both the postures, breathing practices, mudras, bandhas and meditation techniques for each individual chakra, as well as the meditation practice for integrating all the chakras into a unified awareness.

I am proud to be your guide for this course and look forward to seeing you inside…

Now, lets begin!