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The ‘Yoga Nidra Enthusiast’ Monthly Sessions

Namasthe Blessed Self!

These are the meditations I am using in my own daily personal practice, which I am now making available for a select few ‘enthusiasts’ of yoga nidra to gain the benefits for yourselves, as well!

Each session is released on the first Monday of every month. I introduce each new session with a private short video where I explain the benefits and helpful hints for the next session you are about to listen to.

I really look forward to creating these videos and sessions for you each month, as the more intimate setting allows me to delve much deeper and discuss aspects of the path that cannot be discussed in a public forum.

  • These are much more personal and powerful yoga nidra sessions than what I can release on public channels such as YouTube.
  • Gain new insight and detailed instructions during the lecture video included along with each new session.
  • Download each iTunes ready mp3 to listen on any device you may need!
  • Experience greater results and take your personal practice of yoga nidra to the next level!

I invite you to come join me! You get immediate access to the members area and all past sessions directly after you subscribe…

$10.00 for each 1 month Sign up Now