Integral Kriya Yoga


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information on yoga and wished there was a structured and systematic way to approach this ancient spiritual science? This is exactly what you receive with this three year full yogic training program. Now you can begin your own personal daily practice of yoga and meditation with a progressive and structured format via Integral Kriya Yoga.


Q: “What is the time commitment Involved?”

A: You are presented with a detailed monthly program including asanas, pranayama and meditation. Chose from a full daily program, or two shortened versions for days when you are very busy. This way you can become established in your daily practice as you progress at your own pace!


Resources Area: You are redirected to the members only resources area immediately after joining:

  • Guided instructional videos for each month.
  • PDF workbooks for each month.
  • Transcripts of the live classes.
  • Recorded version of each live class.

This is the beginning of your full yogic training program!

Integral Kriya Yoga is the most transformational course currently available in the world, where you start from the very beginning and receive a complete education in the various forms, paths and practices of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta.
The different branches of hatha yoga, raja yoga, mantra yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and kriya yoga are progressively introduced with special emphasis on practice and application in day to day life. You receive deep insights into theory as well as detailed instruction on personal daily practice.


Benefits To This Training:

  • Begin your full yogic training program with a systematic approach.
  • Stay inspired with a weekly 2-hour class.
  • Progress at your own pace.
  • Immediate access to the members area with valuable instructional resources.
  • Learn a holistic and complete education in Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra.
You gradually progress through 108 of the most important asanas, as well as a systematic method of learning pranayama, meditation, shatkarma, yoga theory, Vedas, Vedanta, tantra shastra, Samkhya philosophy, mantra, puja, chakras, kundalini shakti and more.

The entire program takes three years to complete, with over 300 hours of live online instruction and over 1,000 hours of personal home-based application.

This is the traditional systematic method of learning yoga and meditation, identical to what is taught in the ancient gurukula ashram system. Completion of the entire training earns you the opportunity to enter Tripura Yoga Teacher Training program, available only to alumni students of this course.
This course is your sadhana (spiritual practice), the beginning of your inner transformation, spiritual awakening and realization of the highest ideals in life. The techniques covered in this program have their basis in the ancient Vedic (tantric, Upanishadic and yogic) shastras and were handed down over the centuries from guru to disciple until they reached the His Holiness Swami Sivananda Saraswati of Rishikesh, who further passed them on to his disciples, such as Swami Satyananda of Munger. Swami Satyananda wrote the book, ‘A Systematic Course In The Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya’, which serves as our text book for this course.
In Addition to using the above mentioned book as our guide we will be exploring many other quotes and articles from the other senior swamis of the Satyananda tradition, as well as exploring sacred texts such as Purusha Suktam, Sankhya Karikas, Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, and more. You will also be learning beginners Sanskrit starting from month seven!


Whats included:

  1. Daily yoga sadhana program for each month (with instructional videos and pdf workbooks).

  2. Weekly two-hour lecture with guided yoga and meditation session (including pdf transcript and slides).

  3. Study of beginners to intermediate levels Sanskrit.

  4. Scriptural study of Sanskrit texts sacred to yoga.

  5. Be part of a community of dedicated yogis!

Duration: 144 Weeks (3-Years)
Devatma Saraswati
$695 (or only $29/mo)
This is an ongoing course and you can join at any time! The live sessions are on Sundays at 10:00A (Pacific).
Course Material: Password protected resources area containing: Guided practice video and mp3 for each month, PDF document containing the slides used for each workshop, and the recorded version of each live session (updated within 48 hours of each new class).

An Instructional Yoga and Meditation Video Demonstrating Your Daily Yoga Sadhana Is Included For Each Month!

Months 1 to 3: Introduction To Yoga Sadhana

This is the beginning of your full yogic training program! You learn how to do yog a sadhana, with a full presentation of the three-year program. During months one through three you progress with a live virtual class through the beginners asanas, breathing practices, relaxation techniques, shatkarma, yoga theory, and other beginners practices. Enjoy an in depth exploration of various topics such as yogic awareness, the necessity of relaxation, an introduction to prana and pranayama, an introduction to kriya yoga, yamas and niyamas, the importance of discipline and regular daily practice, self analysis, journaling and more.

Months 4 to 6: Introduction To Pranayama

Months four to six of your full yogic training program! Continue your progress with eighteen new asanas, a deeper introduction to pranayama, beginners meditation practices, prana shuddhi, ujjayi pranayama, khechari mudra, an overview of the Sanskrit scriptures sacred to Yoga and so much more!

Months 7 to 9: Introduction To Yogic Meditation & Diet

Months seven to nine of your full yogic training program! Further your skill level with seven new asanas, continue progressing through the pranayama practice of Nadi Shodhana, learn several meditation techniques for body steadiness and concentration, five mudras, several discussions of yogic diet and digestion, and more!

Months 10-12: Karma Yoga, Salt Water Cleansing & Aum Chanting

Months ten to twelve of your full yogic training program! Learn twelve new asanas, intermediate stages of Nadi Shodhana, and discussions on the guru/disciple relationship, karma yoga, salt water cleansing techniques, methods for removing mental problems, sutra neti, Aum chanting and more!

Months 13-15: Introduction To Tantra, Bandhas & Bhakti Yoga

Months 13 to 15 of your full yogic training program! Learn eight new asanas, integrate nadi shodhana with jalandhara bandha, learn about tantra, yantra and mantra, how to do mantra japa, chidakasha dharana, more advanced mudras, and discussions on amaroli, bhakti yoga, moola shodhana and more!

Months 16-18: Introduction To Nada Yoga

Months sixteen to eighteen of your full yogic training program! Learn six new asanas, nadi shodhana with jalandhara and uddiyana bandha, visualization meditation, Nada Yoga, shivalingam, in greater depth of Bhakti Yoga, and more!

Months 19-21: Introduction To Chakra Sadhana and Ajapa Dharana

Months nineteen to twenty-one of your full yogic training program! Learn five new asanas, yogic practices for Muladhara, Swadisthana and Manipura Chakras, nadhi shodhana combined with mulabandha, the importance of self-acceptance, the three granthis, Kundalini Shakti, ajapa japa, understanding the human brain, and more!

Months 22 to 24: Chakra Sadhana and The Balance of Life

Months twenty-two to twenty-four of your full yogic training program! Learn sirshasana and halasana, yogic practices for Anahata, Vishuddhi, and Ajna Chakras, intermediate ajapa dharana, discussions on ida and pingala nadis, the balance of life, health and more!

Months 25-27: Introduction To Kriya Yoga Sadhana, Higher Chakras & Antar Mouna

Months twenty-five to twenty-seven of your full yogic training program! The beginning of your final year! Learn six advanced asanas, bhastrika pranayama, and how to prepare yourself for Kriya Yoga. Learn Kriyas 1-4, practices for Bindu Visarga and Sahasrara Padma, Antar Mouna stages one and two, naturopathy and more!

Months 28-30: Kriya Yoga Sadhana, Nauli & Jnana Yoga

Months twenty-eight to thirty of your full yogic training program!  Learn nine new advanced asanas, Moorcha Pranayama, Kriyas five through seven, Antar Mouna stages three through five, Nauli, Basti and more!

Months 31-33: Kriya Yoga Sadhana, Yoga Nidra & Satsang

Months thirty-one to thirty-three of your full yogic training program!  Learn nine new advanced asanas, Vastra Dhauti, Surya Bheda Pranayama, Sheetali and Sheetkari Pranayama. Learn Kriyas 8 through 13, as well as stage six of antar mouna: The psychic symbol. Explore chakramanam, yoga nidra the importance of satsang and more!

Months 34-36: Kriya Yoga Sadhana & The Path To Perfection

Months thirty-four to thirty-six of your full yogic training program! Complete your training in Kriya Yoga! Learn ten new advanced asanas, ujjayi pranayama with Aum chanting, chaturtha pranayama, yoga nidra, kriyas fourteen through twenty and more!