What Is Tantra and Yoga Sadhana?

Sadhana means a sustained spiritual practice we do for a specific outcome and a predetermined duration of time. Here we are utilizing the various methods and techniques of yoga and tantra to transform ourselves through the fire of personal experience. It is one thing to have an intellectual understanding of the path, but in order for there to be any real transformation to the meditator there must be a direct personal experience to act as the catalyst.

Our personal practice of yoga prepares us for yoga sadhana. We practice the various yogic techniques on a daily basis until we are ready to include them in our temporary phase of intensive sadhana. The daily practice of yoga is just that; practice. However, yoga sadhana is where we perform yoga for a transformational outcome.

Although there are many traditional rules and observances for performing sadhana, anyone can begin a disciplined spiritual regimen by chosing a certain meditation technique, mantra, kriya, havan/homa, puja, or any other such method and make it into a sadhana.

Tips On Performing Sadhana

First chose what you’re desired outcome is and then discern the correct yogic method to fulfill that aim. When the tantric or yogic method has been acquired and learned to a certain degree of proficiency you can next set aside a certain period of time, for example forty days, to complete the entire sadhana. Traditionally we like to start a new sadhana on amavasya, the new moon day, as it assists the mind to begin a new phase. The best time for yoga sadhana is between four and six AM, during the time referred to as ‘Brahma muhurti’. The next component is abhyasa, regular consistency. You must perform your sadhana in the same way at the same time every day for the entire duration you have set out. If you miss one day, you must try again next amavasya!

The more you put into your sahdana the more you reap from it. So take the time to clean your area of sadhana, take a ritual bath, and create a sacred environment with incense and candles. Prepare your place of sadhana so you are set up for success.

In the beginning it is best to chose a small simple sadhana of only maybe three to five days. As you continue completing your sadhanas your sankalpa shakti builds stronger and you will be able to take on more advanced and lengthy sadhanas in good time.

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