Yoga Nidra Teachers Training Lv 1 (w/ Certificate)

As a result of taking this training you can confidently write your own yoga nidra scripts and facilitate your own sessions either for your self, or to augment your skills as a yoga teacher


June 4, 2021 - 2:00 pm


June 25, 2021 - 2:00 pm


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This live training is going to be very in depth! I am sharing with you the deepest insights and greatest tools I have learned for presenting yoga nidra. The class will be once a week on Fridays (10:00AM – Pacific).

Upon successful registration for the course you receive my 75-Page ebook ‘How To Facilitate Yoga Nidra and Write Your Own Scripts’. You will have homework assignments where you will be writing your own scripts, creating your own sessions, recording them and then testing them out on your self!

Certification: This training fulfills eight continuing education hours for yoga teachers. A certificate with your completed hours  is awarded upon completion of final exam.

There are also resources such as mp3 downloads of yoga nidra sessions I have written specifically to teach others how to do yoga nidra while going through an actual session.

As a result of taking this training you can confidently write your own yoga nidra scripts and facilitate your own sessions either for your self, or to augment your skills as a yoga teacher, life coach, hypnotist or other such professional. Yoga nidra is a quickly growing topic, as more and more people are discovering the tremendous personal benefits to this ageless guided meditation technique.

Benefits Of Taking This Course:

  • A complete and well-rounded understanding of the theory behind yoga nidra.
  • How to write your own scripts from scratch.
  • The therapeutic applications of yoga nidra (not found anywhere else online).
  • You understand how each individual component fits together into the bigger picture of the practice.
  • You learn the overall philosophical structure as well as the technical nuts and bolts of this authentic yogic technique.
  • Valuable resources for drafting your own scripts and facilitating your own sessions.
  • Three full scripts, which break down each stage of the practice and the purpose for each stage.


This live training will be meeting once a week:

  • Fridays at 2:00PM (Pacific Time)

2021 Dates:

  1. June 4th
  2. June 11th
  3. June 18th
  4. June 25th


Each class is approximately 120 minutes. Time requirement is 2 hours per week for the live session and 4-8 hours per week on the assignment, depending on how much you want to put into it.


The benefits of taking this course empower you to understand all the most important aspects of yoga nidra, so you can naturally guide your participants to enjoy the perfect peace and spiritual bliss of their innermost Self.

You also learn the therapeutic applications of yoga nidra, as well as which techniques are most beneficial for various types of psychosomatic illnesses. This part of the course is the result of twelve years of my own research into yoga nidra and is not available anywhere else online.

There are also three complete yoga nidra scripts, as well as a complete session available for download on Mp3 that guides you through a full practice; giving you the unique opportunity to gain deeper insights into constructing your own scripts.

Yoga nidra has changed my life and the life of so many others and I as the author am fully dedicated and committed to seeing you learn how to confidently facilitate your own most impactful yoga nidra sessions, based on a thorough understanding of the yogic theories and concepts involved.

Recorded Version: Each workshop session is recorded from start to finish so you can refer back to it later and so you can view the material if you were not able to make the live webinar.

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  • Amazing, in-depth, accessible and life changing training. Come in touch with a millennial technology for relaxation, emotional purification and taking control of your life. Good if you want to deepen your own practice, if you want to learn to deeply relax, speed up your spiritual path, or if you want to teach others.

    Jon Reply
  • I truly enjoyed this workshop~ Sri Devidas offered us a super in-depth workshop that was so intimate and fun to go back to every week. “Hello courageous yogis” was my favourite part to start my four Saturdays. Nobody explained complicated yoga philosophy as clear as Sei Devidas. He really is super knowledged and I think he helped me open up my heart till the extent I succeeded in my drop back for the first time in my personal practive. I asked him MANY questions and he generously answers each question to detail, which was super helpful for me to deepen my learning. Sri Devidas also provided us with his own book called How to Facilitate your own Yoga Nidra (Which is available on Amazon). It is a great book to read on as well. I had a pleasure to read in one go. Lots of delightful insights from Sri Devidas in this well–organized workshop. I highly recommend it!

    leeay aikawa Reply
  • I truly enjoyed learning from Sri Devidas! His gift of knowledge in Yoga Nidra and the principles behind it is AMAZING!!! I am a novice yogi and still learning the Principles however noticed that my knowledge has deepened more and more and the Wonderful workbooks that he provided me with has helped me so much. The techniques that he has provided is so very helpful…. Truly a magnificent and powerful class

    Cherry Batchelder Reply
  • Hi have been using Yoga Nidra myself for quite a while and love the idea of using this as part of my therapy practice. Would like some advice on accessing the recorded sessions – peace and light Ann

    ahimsacrystals Reply

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