The Essence of Tantric Goddess Worship: Sri Saundarya Lahari

Enrich your spiritual life with the study of an extremely important text on Sri Vidya (one of the most ancient tantric schools of goddess worship from extreme antiquity). This is a ten-day intensive that is being held in unison with Navaratri 2021, the most auspicious ten nights of the year for worshiping the goddess!


October 7, 2021 - 1:00 pm


October 16, 2021 - 3:00 pm

Great auspiciousness (or ‘sri’) accrues to that rare caliber of spiritual aspirant who devotes themself whole-heartedly to the worship of the divine in the form of ‘Mother’.

This is a ten-day intensive that is being held in unison with Navaratri 2021, the most auspicious ten nights of the year for worshiping the goddess.

Tantra teaches that the body is a vehicle of the spirit, and that body and spirit are not contrary to each other. The Goddess wants you to have both worldly and spiritual abundance. She wants you to not only survive but to thrive! Tantra says that you can have both sensual gratification (bhoga) and spiritual liberation (moksha).

For every desire that you can possibly imagine there is a mantra from Sri Saundarya Lahari that can help you attain it. Each day of this intensive we are studying eleven mantras. First you learn how to chant the Sanskrit mantras, as well as the yantra, mandala and powers/benefits that are the fruit of chanting. Then we go over the hidden meaning and practical application with an in-depth commentary on each mantra.

These 103 mantras composed by Adi Shankaracharya (8th to 9th century AD) are also powerful meditations capable of inducing spontaneous meditation, as well as awakening kundalini shakti and the dormant regions of the brain. This awakening rapidly facilitates the liberation of trapped energy within the body and the expansion of awareness, which is the goal of all tantric practices.

You learn how to see the Goddess in everything and everyone, as the one to be desired behind all external forms of beauty. Learning to see Her in everything brings permanent joy and inner bliss!

Chanting these mantras awakens your dormant spiritual power, makes you more lucky, gives you tremendous ‘favor’ and allows you to fulfill both your worldly and spiritual desires. Ultimately you come to discover Her dwelling within your own heart, as your highest truest Self.


  • Study an extremely important ancient text on Sri Vidya, one of the most ancient schools of goddess worship from extreme antiquity.
  • Learn the symbolic meaning behind these extremely esoteric tantric mantras with translations and commentaries from living masters of the tradition.
  • Transform your perspective of reality as you develop a personal relationship with the divine in the form of the most beautiful form of the goddess in all the three worlds.
  • Learn a mantra to fulfill every worldly and spiritual desire.
  • Learn 103 powerful Sri Vidya meditations.
  • Learn about the sacred feminine, Sri Chakra, Panchadisakshari Mantra, esoteric tantric symbolism, The 36 Tattwas, the different forms of Shakti, and how to do tantric ritual worship.


These 103 verses of Sri Saundarya Lahari are a complete treatise on both the samaya school of Sri Vidya as well as Advaita Vedanta (Nondualism). They present the complete philosophy of this ancient tradition, profound descriptions of the kundalini awakening process, what happens afterwards, as well as divinely inspired poetry on the physical and spiritual beauty of the supreme goddess, Sri Tripura Sundari.


Dates: Ten consecutive days from October 7th to October 16th, 2021

Time: 1:00P (Pacific Time)

Location: Zoom (live link and password shared immediately after registration).

Recorded Version: Each workshop session is recorded from start to finish so you can refer back to it later and so you can view the material if you were not able to make the live webinar.

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