Tantric Maha Mudra Level Two Initiation: The Sacred Tremor

This 4-week intensive teaches you how to develop here and now awareness and hyper receptivity to sensuality and pleasure. Experience the constant bliss of objectless desire and you discover a whole new dimension to enjoying life.


September 9, 2021 - 10:00 am


September 30, 2021 - 10:00 am

Deepen your practice of tantric spirituality and progress to the next level of personal mastery. Learn how to tap into Udana Vayu for accelerated ascension of Shakti (and continued unfolding of the higher chakras). Release all attachments and untie the knots of fear so you can experience greater self-born bliss and spiritual ecstasy.

You must have practiced Tantric Maha Mudra Level One for at least 6 months before progressing to level two.

This 4-week intensive teaches you how to develop here and now awareness through hyper receptivity to sensuality and pleasure. Experience the constant bliss of Objectless Desire and discover a whole new dimension to enjoying life!

Tantra embodies spiritual ecstasy and says only YES to the world!

Learn how to deeply surrender to the present moment and tap into the supreme ecstasy of Spandan, the universal sacred tremor. Tapping into Spandan allows you to become super orgasmic; as you enjoy drinking the wine of the Gods, Soma.

Allow your Heart to blossom and reveal the hidden jewel of the Self, which is that perfect stainless joy of your own true nature. You are a complete microcosm and contain the entire cosmos within you, tantra is the path of liberating the energy trapped in physical matter (the body) to expand the individual awareness into Universal Consciousness.


This live training will be meeting once a week:

  • Thursdays at 10:00AM (Pacific Time)


  1. September 9th
  2. September 16th
  3. September 23d
  4. September 30th


Each class is approximately 120 minutes. Time requirement is 2 hours per week for the live session and 4-8 hours per week on the assignment.

Benefits Of This Training:

  • Receive Maha Mudra level two initiation
  • Tap into the fundamental tremoring ecstasy underlying all manifest existence.
  • Enrich the inner experience of your daily life by becoming aware to objectless desire.
  • Learn tantric yoga techniques for prolonging coitus.
  • Experience tantric meditations from Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

Workshop One: Spiritual Ascension

  • Unbinding The Three Granthis
  • Five Preparatory Yogas For Kundalini Sadhana (Hatha, Raja, Karma, Bhakti, Jnana)
  • Mantra And Matrika Shakti
  • The Role Of Udana Vayu In Ascension
  • Maha Mudra Level Two (Gross Form)

Workshop Two: Hyper Sensuality

  • Developing Here And Now Awareness
  • Hyper Sensitivity to Sensuality
  • Tantric Meditations From Sri Vijnana Bhairava
  • Yogic Techniques For Prolonging Coitus

Workshop Three: Maha Mudra Level Two

  • Soma: Nectar Of The Gods
  • The Importance of Surrender
  • Attracting Divine Grace With Self Effort
  • Maha Mudra Level Two (Subtle Form)

Workshop Four: The Sacred Tremor

  • Spandan: The Sacred Tremor
  • Developing Objectless Desire
  • Pilgrimage To The Heart
  • Equality Vision: Atmabhava
  • Tantric Meditation: Breathing Sensitive To Ecstasy

Recorded Version: Each workshop session is recorded from start to finish so you can refer back to it later and so you can view the material if you were not able to make the live webinar.

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