Course Description

How would you like to begin enjoying more and more energy, and increasingly higher levels of vitality and charisma each and every day?! The ancient yogic science of mastering prana shakti, as presented in this 8-part video series, teaches you to develop a heightened sensitivity to the bio-energy within and all around you, so you can conserve, multiply, and even direct it!

I am serious about seeing you succeed in learning this technique, so in this new set of 8 videos I have included a PDF workbook and an mp3 audio companion for each video, so you’ll have all the tools and resources you need to start your own personal practice and quickly master the science of prana for yourself.


  • Naturally triple your vitality levels!
  • Encounter your own shakti (inner power)!
  • Learn to heal your self and others with prana shakti!
  • Increase your charisma, wit and magnetic appeal!
  • Personally connect directly to the unified field of infinite power!
  • Have more energy to manifest the life of your dreams!

Enjoy An Authentic And High Quality Exotic Yoga Meditation Course

There is no other course like this on the Internet! Guaranteed! That is because I personally designed, produced and edited this entire video series single-handedly! That is because I wanted to ensure that the quality and authenticity of the final product was top notch, and true to the authentic source.

I learned these techniques while living in a very remote yoga ashram in northern India, where these extremely secret techniques have been passed down in an un-broken oral tradition since ancient times. I have done my best to present you these techniques in their original and unadulterated form, just as countless others have learned them in millennia past.

Learn These Previously Hidden And Very Secret Yogic Techniques For Your Self

In the not-so-distant past these very same practices were considered forbidden and extremely secret, however the conditions in society have changed and the increased amount of tolerance has allowed these most precious treasures of ancient knowledge to again come to the surface to uplift all mankind.

We are extremely honored to be able to offer our audience this set of extremely rare and potent yoga techniques and meditations to give you a first hand personal encounter of your own vital power of prana shakti.

Prana shakti is similar to the fuel in a rocket; the rocket can only go as high and as afar as it has the fuel to propel it. By increasing your vital power you are able to have more to give all your endeavors, allowing you to interact with life on a much more fulfilling and enriched level of personal experience.

With more energy you can quickly notice the opportunities all around you, as well as more easily remain proactive and effortlessly overcome procrastination.

Others will become instantaneously attracted to your higher energy, like moths are attracted to light, and will find them selves desperately craving what you have on a very deep subconscious level.
Step Into The Realm Of Vivid Inner Spiritual Experiences

How To Quickly Master The Ancient Yogic Science of Prana

From the moment you begin learning these techniques spiritual experiences will begin occurring with greater frequency and intensity. Now spirituality is no longer only limited to intellectual concepts and fancy thoughts, but has now become a vivid, living and breathing aspect of your daily life.

Each video in this series builds upon the previous one, gradually leading you towards developing awareness of prana, storing prana within your subtle body, increasing and multiplying your prana, as well as channeling and directing prana for healing, empowering yourself and others with spiritual power, and spiritual awakening.

A Complete Systematic Path For Spiritual Awakening

The yogic science of prana is a complete path for spiritual awakening. As the prana shakti is awakening and amplified, the causal creative force which lies dormant in the human body is awakened and begins ascending and spiritualizing the entire body/mind complex.

There is no aspect of your life that learning this complete ancient form of knowledge cannot enrich. Imagine how much you can accomplish with 3 times more energy!
What if you could rapidly increase the rate of healing and recovery for your self and loved ones, no matter what their illness? Even illnesses for which there are no known cures. This course will teach you exactly how to achieve this, so you can heal others with your own touch.

Prana works on the subtle energy body which is the template of the physical body. By sending pure pranic energy to a certain organ, or body part, you are revitalizing the subtle energy template and correcting any distortions or stagnated energy that is at the root of any illness, injury or disease in the physical body.

Pick up our 8-Part Zero Point Yoga Video Couse NOW and enjoy this rare opportunity to learn an authentic and extremely powerful ancient spiritual science with only the click of a button!


Info: 8 instructional yoga videos with audio companions and workbooks. 7 guided yoga nidra sessions are also included.
Files: 30
Type: Mp4, Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners to advanced




This is a beginners course, no previous experience is necessary. Students should be in good health and able to perform the most basic aerobic exercises.


Session 1

  • Becoming Aware of the Energy Body 44 min
  • Session 2

  • Perceiving The Five Tattwas 55 min
  • Session 3

  • Awakening Prana at Manipura and Pingala Nadi 49 min
  • Session 4

  • Awakening Prana at Ajna and Sushumna Nadi 47 min
  • Session 5

  • Awareness of the flow of Prana 50 min
  • Session 6

  • Harnessing The Powers of Mind and Energy 47 min
  • Session 8

  • How To Heal Others With Prana 64 min
  • Bonus 1: Zero Point Yoga Nidra

  • Exploring The Dimensions Of Inner Space 26 min
  • Developing Awareness of the 6 Major Chakras 50 min
  • Chakra Purification 46 min
  • Perceiving the Subtle Flows of Prana and Apana 48 min
  • Experiencing The Pranic Body 49 min
  • Harnessing and Directing Prana 53 min
  • Mentally Healing Yourself and Others With Prana 47 min
  • Reviews

    Incredible and only Just started learning ..............

    By Traveller 2 years ago

    Lesson one – Becoming Aware of the Energy Body. Sri has been very very helpful and diligent in his assistance when it came to me getting signed up and starting my new journey. I have a list of courses and lessons I want to progress through and will do as I move through time. I started with – Lesson one – Becoming Aware of the Energy Body and although I have been under the weather for the last 10 days, I managed to relax and follow the 45 minute session. I did notice that there were a couple of things I need to pay more attention too next time, like I wasn’t quite comfortable and my left heel became a focal point and distracted my mind a few times but the effect of the relaxation and tuning in on the energy and directing it to different parts of the body at will were truly astounding. I felt as if I was a being of energy not of flesh and bone and that I was everywhere at once not just on my bed relaxing. As my health returns to its normal state over the next few days I will be able to get into a routing and study properly and regularly to achieve what has been missing from my physical existence since my teens – “the ability to freely travel” between here and the real world.