Course Description

This complete course on chakras guides you step-by-step thru an ancient yogic method for transforming and spiritualizing your body, mind and personality. Each chakra has it’s own video, audio companion and workbook included, allowing you to quickly incorporate these yogic methods into your daily practice.

Some of the benefits of working on your chakras include:
  • Experience the rejuvenating inner peace of transcending the mind and psyche.
  • Experience the perfect bliss of your own inner state of being.
  • Experience pure universal love welling up from within.
  • Have more vitality, energy and stamina!
  • Enjoy spontaneous and deeply rewarding meditations
  • Enjoy feeling more grounded, rooted and stable.
  • Re-energize your center of joy, pleasure and ecstasy.



Info: Instructional 7-part yoga  course with HD videos, audio companions and workbooks for each chakra.
Files: 27
Type: Mp4 (HD), Mp4 (SD), Mp3 and PDF
Delivery: Members Area & Immediate Download
Language: English
Level: Beginners


Students enrolling in this course should be able to perform the most basic aerobic and stretching exercises. You should also have a suitable environment for beginning your own practice of meditation.


Ajna: The Divine Eye of Knowledge

  • Awakening The Divine Eye of Knowledge 60 min
  • Muladhara: The Primal Seat of Power

  • Awakening The Seat Of Prana Shakti 40 min
  • Swadisthana: Seat of the Subconscious

  • Awakening Your Core Of Pleasure And Joy 51 min
  • Manipura: Your Core of Vitality & Dynamism

  • Awakening Your Core Of Vital Power 48 min
  • Anahata: Your Core of Universal Love

    Awakening Your Center Of Divine Love Preview 60 min

    Vishuddhi: Purification of Consciousness

  • Awakening Your Center Of Purification 46 min
  • Bindhu Visarga: Falling of the Drop

  • Following The Inner Sounds Of Antar Nada 51 min
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