Our Background

Tripura Yoga belongs to the millenia old gurukula system, which has existed in India since time immemorial. Our lead instructors were each trained in Bihar School of Yoga ashrams by senior Swamis of the Saraswati order.

We are fully committed to maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the traditional teachings and practices of Yoga. Our world class trainings provide students with the knowledge, experience and tools they need to realize the fruits of Yoga and successfully guide/teach others, as well.  Learn more about us.

Certificates Awarded:

Yoga Nidra Facilitator Certification:

Yoga Nidra Therapist Certification:

Pranic Healer Certification:

  • Hours Recognized: 100
  • Examination: Yes
  • Requirements:
    • PRN101: Introduction To Prana & Pranayama
    • PRN201: Purifying The Subtle Body Part 1: Ajapa Dharana
    • PRN202: Purifying The Subtle Body Part 2: Chakra & Tattva Shuddhi
    • PRN301: Consciously Directing Prana Shakti For Healing

Kriya Yoga Instructor Certification:

  • Hours Recognized: 300
  • Examination: Yes
  • Requirements:
    • IKY101: Introduction To Yoga Sadhana
    • IKY102: Introduction To Mudras & Pre-Meditative Exercises
    • IKY103: Introduction To Yogic Meditation & Diet
    • IKY104: Karma Yoga, Salt Water Cleansing & Aum Chanting
    • IKY201: Introduction To Tantra, Bandhas & Bhakti Yoga
    • IKY202: Introduction To Nada Yoga
    • IKY203: Introduction To Chakra Sadhana and Ajapa Dharana
    • IKY204: Chakra Sadhana and The Balance of Life
    • IKY301: Introduction To Kriya Yoga Sadhana, Higher Chakras & Antar Mouna
    • IKY302: Kriya Yoga Sadhana, Nauli & Jnana Yoga
    • IKY303: Kriya Yoga Sadhana, Yoga Nidra & Satsang
    • IKY304: Kriya Yoga Sadhana & The Path To Perfection