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Why Cyclic Existence and Does the Soul Evolve Too?

Imagine you are an electrical appliance traveling through a nuclear power plant looking for someplace to plugin.

If you were built in the United States, and only meant to handle 110 volts, then if you plug into a socket with 240 volts it will fry your circuits and render you useless. Similarly if the appliance meant to harness 240 volts goes straight to the core of the nuclear reactor and tries to plugin, it will be disintegrated immediately, unaplogetically.

Our journey of transmigration through the multiverse, where we incarnate life after life, again and again through every possible form – is in fact the process of learning to increase the amount of “voltage” you can experience. But here the voltage is not merely electricity, it is consciousness. They are in fact the same. From the concentrated field of consciousness arises prana, energy, which has an electrical charge.

Evolving In The Capacity To Contain Consciousness

We must gradually rise in our ability to harness the tremendous power of consciousness. First we must master the nervous system in one life form, so that the energy that flows through it does not distort. When the cosmic energy of the universe is able to flow through the organism without any distortions, then mastery has been achieved and one will graduate on to the next organism with a slightly more complex nervous system.

In this way the entire universe can be seen as a university for evolving consciousness. We must each master the flow of energy through the neurology of each organism and life form as we ascend back to the source of infinite and eternal collective consciousness.

Always Learning, Growing and Evolving

The good news is that you do not go backwards, except for in some extremely rare circumstances, such as when an extremely traumatic death may require a few lifetimes as a simple apex mammal without many natural predators, to reorganize the psyche.

If we live an adharmic (immoral) life then we are evolving much more slowly. We are still learning how to direct the energy through our nervous system without it becoming distorted in the form of greed, hatred and perversions.

When we align with love, the natural expression of energy in nature, then the universal energy flows in alignment through our subtle body and maximum mental and physical health is achieved. With optimal health the mind can more quickly learn to align with dharma and the natural laws of the universe. The more we live congruently with nature the easier we can flow with the energies of life and speed up the progress of our own personal evolution.

At this stage of understanding it is often asked if the soul is evolving, and if so how? Isn’t the soul already perfect and whole spirit?

The answer to this is both yes and no. On the one hand, the soul has overseen the transformation of the most simple single-celled organisms into immensely complex organisms like mammals and human beings, yet on the other hand nothing has changed in the course of evolution. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form. So what has really evolved? It is in fact, only the soul. So although the soul is already perfect and whole, it cannot be said it does not evolve. Let us explore this mystery a bit further…

Growing In Our Capacity To Contain Universal Love

The soul has transformed itself through every imaginable form of life, but yet in each incarnation it’s essence as pure soul could always have been extracted. Let us compare this to the journey that a molecule of water takes as it goes from being ocean, to vapor, to clouds, to a snow flake, to a mountain stream, to a wide rushing river and finally back to being ocean again. What has really changed during these series of transformations? Only the qualities of water has changed, but not the essence of water in itself. At each point in the water cycle, whether if it is sea water, vapor, a raindrop, or a snowbank, the presence of water can be discerned as the essential form.

So it goes with spirit.

Quantum mechanics has revealed that the observer of an experiment will determine its outcome. That is because mind is the required element to bring energy into formation, thus bringing about matter. Matter cannot exist without mind. Mind is the amount of consciousness an organism can contain in its brain and nervous system. If fire can be compared to spirit, mind would said to be the light emanating from it bringing illumination and cognition.

The Cosmic Journey Of The Individual Soul

The water cycle seems to have no end. The same water throughout all history has originated and remained here on planet earth. Each and every drop in the ocean has changed shape and form in the process of being heated and cooled more times than could be imagined.

The Buddha made a very similar analogy one time, he said ‘we have all had more mothers than drops of water in the Ocean’. This idea of eternal transmigration is called samsara, cyclic existence.

In fact the soul neither loses nor gains anything in the journey of descending into samsara and again merging with brahman. It is the great journey of manifest existence. It is the ‘somethingness’ that contrasts what would otherwise be ‘eternal nothingness’.

Samsara is the soul’s night out on the town. Just as you get bored of staying home and being surrounded by your creature comforts all the time, the soul gets bored and, out of a genuine desire to manifest, chooses to descend into samsara to experience itself in every conceivable way. We should therefore learn to see desire as the fundamental motivating factor for our existence, and something to savor and direct consciously, not to be suppressed.

Perfect Love Is Our Highest Trugh

From prey to predator, from pauper to king, from fool to wise man. The high points of the journey are worth every low point. All the while, no matter how many countless lifetimes we incarnate through, the soul has no fear. On our truest level, there is no mortal feat, at all. Not one bit. In our highest truth we are pure love, total joy and completely fearless.

The amnesia and ignorance that descends upon the soul during each incarnation is part of the operating system given by nature to allow the whole grand performance of life to go on. Our ego has an incredibly valuable role to play in that aspect. It is given to us by nature to allow us to interact and exist on the material plane of duality within the world.

We must see our ego, and the primal force of desire, as those wonderful intrinsic resources we have for being co-creators in our journey through life. Unfortunately many spiritual traditions and schools of yoga have taught you to go to war with desire and even to annihilate your ego. There is no need for this. When we rise in love, and become more well aligned with the energies of nature, these aspects of our being come into congruence with each other, and our life becomes an ecstatic, graceful and serendipitous flow.

Sri Devidas was born in southern California and had a strong spiritual connection from a very early age. In 2006 Sri Devidas received shaktipat diksha from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, and experienced the awakening of kundalini shakti. In 2007, he received initiation in a tantric form of kriya yoga. Beginning in 2008 Sri Devidas lived as a brahmacharin in a yoga ashram in northern India, Rikhiapeeth, and studied with many Swamis during his residency. In 2015 he was initiated into Kaula Tantra and began Sri Vidya uppasana.

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