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The Rejuvenating Power of Yoga

The power and benefits of yoga lies in it’s unique ability to balance your energies – mental, physical and spiritual. It can only be experienced, not explained!

How does yoga work on all these dimensions of your being? Here are some bits of valuable information on yoga and its power to transform yourself.

When we talk about yoga, it is mostly the asanas, the body postures, coming to mind. It is 100% true and has been scientifically proven many times that the body postures in yoga do help you to maintain good health and vigour. But, how?

How yogasanas act on your whole being?

  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Purifies the blood.
  • Massages the glands and stimulates the nervous & endocrine system.
  • Ensures perfect coordination among all the body organs,
  • Flow of prana is regulated and improved,
  • Increases the flow of prana-rich blood to the brain.
  • Removes energetic blockages within the subtle body.
  • Allows flexibility, agility and the total free range of movement in every limb throughout the body.

The first thing that happens with the regular practice of yogaasanas is that your joints become flexible, muscles become loosened, paving the way for the effective circulation of blood throughout the body.

This circulation of blood is very important for improving your overall level of health and vitality. The veins of the cardiovascular system are the physical equivalents of the nadis in the pranic body. By improving the flow of the blood, we are simultaneously improving the flow of the prana, as well. The brain is receiving more oxygen-rich blood, allowing for better focus, awareness and improved brain function.

Enjoy More High Energy, Charisma, Motivation and Inner Strength!

We often times wonder why we may sometimes feel low energy, lethargic, and mentally dull. It is the effect of improper circulation of blood and prana. Just as the blood is stagnated, the life-force in your body is also stagnated. If the circulation of the blood is balanced and regulated, all the organs in the body function properly without any malfunction. Blood can properly flow to the brain and the vital and mental energies in the body can flow uninterruptedly.

Yogasanas also help to evacuate impure blood from the tissues and cells. This is one of the key benefits that yoga asanas can give you to keep away lethargy and a dull mind.

You may have noticed, at least few times in your life, that an agitated mind and the breath are closely related. When your breathing is faster, the mind is also agitated with thoughts. It happens vice versa too. When the mind is restless or agitated or angry, observe your breath, concentrate on your breath through the nostrils and you can get rid of this mental situation. It is very important that you should focus on the breath and the body movements during the practice, so that your mind automatically gains the awareness in all the actions performed throughout the day.

Remaining aware is important in our professional and personal life. Inhalation and exhalation is the essential part of yogasanas. Again and again we see that the key is in the breath. When you consciously fill your body with air while inhaling through the nostrils, it results in activating the dormant cells in the brain, particularly in the frontal lobe. Regular yogic breathing always helps the heart to pump the blood effectively. With regular practice, abhyasa, you will notice that your memory power, reasoning, concentration, decision making power and clarity of thoughts is greatly improved.

Improving the Flow of Vitality Through Your Body

Breathing and effective blood circulation not only increase the productivity of the brain, but also stimulates the nervous system by energizing the whole body resulting in giving you an acute, energized and focused mental state. You will witness that all the cells throughout the body are active and tingling with vitality, improving your physical and mental condition remarkably.

The life sustaining energy called as “prana” moves around your body freely without any blocks. This is the energy that keeps each and every body cell alive. Prana is the bioenergietic blueprint of all life, with which nothing can come into existence. Yoga teaches that there is a subtle nervous system made of “nadis” or subtle channels that carry the pranic energy.

Yogasanas improve the digestive system by utilizing the essence of the food that we consume. Once the blocks are cleared and the muscles and joints are flexible and free, the system automatically distributes the prana across the body. Since yoga helps to remove any energy blocks in the body, it allows for the pranic body to maintain the physical body optimally.

Overall, the regular practice of yoga asanas activates the vital life-force energy at the nucleus of every cell, rejuvenating your whole being. Your vitality, mental strength, physical health are all balanced holistically with the yogic approach. Yoga is among, if not the most natural and non-intrusive approach for achieving and maintaining perfect physical and mental health.

Increasing Vitality and Balancing the Mind & Emotions

Yogic philosophy says there are seven important energy centers located in the body. These energy centers are called as “chakras” in yoga. Each chakra is directly associated with at least one internal organ. Chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning wheel. Don’t think it is a physical wheel! It is a subtle wheel or can be thought of as a vortex just like a magnetic field of energy. Each chakra has its own characteristics. When your mind is fully energised, it means that the chakras are healthy and active. If your mind is dull, the chakras are not in a good condition or are not receiving the prana they need due to energetic blocks.

Most of us have mental blocks when it comes to accepting the facts in daily life. Mental blocks are directly connected with the physical blocks in the body. There are three major forces in the body, and they directly correspond to the three major nadis. There is mental power, vital power and spiritual power. The mental power of manas shakti flows through the ida nadi. The vital power of prana shakti flows through the pingala nadi. The spiritual power of kundalini shakti flows through the sushumna nadi, in the core of the spinal column.

If you overload the stomach with too much of food just because you liked the food too much, what would be your state of mind? You can easily guess. Disturbed, just like your belly. Why? Because, the internal digestive organs in the body won’t be able to function well. Once the digestion is not proper, the stomach starts constipating, leading to uneasy bowel movements. Blocking of the bowel movement makes the mind sluggish and lethargic. The analytical capability of the intellectual mind reduces and leads to mental blocks in decision making, lethargy and eventually depression. It reduces the awareness level, decreasing your quality of life and ability to interact with the world.

The Glory Of Yoga – Maintaining Optimal Health

Yoga helps to understand the functioning of the internal body organs, their relation with the mind and the state of mind, etc. Same is with a patient with diabetes. The insulin produced by the pancreas reduces and sugar levels shoot up. The yoga asanas affecting these organs help to regain the productivity by purifying the tissues and cells. It is been proven by medical scientist and doctors that yoga asanas do not have ill effects on the body and mind, if done properly with guidance.

It has also been proven that the effect of yoga lasts longer than any other medical approach. The problem with the modern life style is that most of us approach a medical doctor only when we find that there is some problem in health. Yoga is just the opposite. Regular yoga practice will maintain optimal health and make sure that the body doesn’t reach a condition where a degenerative disease can enter.

The main objective of yoga is to lead a harmonious, holistic life through a completely scientific approach. Yoga practice is not confined to only reaping physical benefits. It is for the mind as well as the spirit. From a pure Vedanta approach, yoga is the only way to realize the self and experience the divinity within. The best part is that there is no specific qualification required to start learning yoga practice. Anyone with interest and passion can learn yoga. Determination, confidence and other qualities of mind automatically follows over a period of time with regular practice. One can easily observe the difference in as little as one weeks time after the start of daily practice.

Sri Devidas was born in southern California and had a strong spiritual connection from a very early age. In 2006 Sri Devidas received shaktipat diksha from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, and experienced the awakening of kundalini shakti. In 2007, he received initiation in a tantric form of kriya yoga. Beginning in 2008 Sri Devidas lived as a brahmacharin in a yoga ashram in northern India, Rikhiapeeth, and studied with many Swamis during his residency. In 2015 he was initiated into Kaula Tantra and began Sri Vidya uppasana.

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