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The Alchemy of Yoga: Using Energy to Liberate Spirit from Matter

The ancient traditional form of Kundalini Yoga (belonging to Hindu Tantra) contains a systematic approach to spiritual rebirth, or kundalini awakening, that was once known about all throughout the ancient world.

The ancient Egyptians knew about kundalini and had a very elaborate ritualistic process for awakening the kundalini shakti. Much of the cosmic symbolism found in Egypt, such as the death and rebirth of the Sun during the winter solstice, was representative of the process one goes through during kundalini awakening, when one experiences a dark night of the soul, overcomes mortal fear and is transformed from being man to god.

The ancient Egyptian spiritual knowledge was kept alive by a group of priests and eventually became what is now called alchemy; which is actually ‘al khamet’, meaning ‘from Khamet’ (Khamet being the ancient name for Egypt).

Alchemy speaks of seven stages a metal must go through in the process of becoming gold. Of course we know now that the ancient alchemists weren’t actually trying to make gold from base metals, it was something quite different. There is both an inner and an outer alchemy, which we will now explore in greater detail.

The Inner Alchemy

It is useful to understand that the ancient art and science of alchemy has both an inner aim, and an outer aim; both a material objective and a spiritual objective. The spiritual objective is to transform man into becoming divine by awakening the dormant spiritual energy of kundalini and activating the spiritual power latent in the human body.

This is achieved by conserving ones sexual energy and extracting the vital charge within the sexual fluids, channeling it to the brain where it nourishes and gradually awakens dormaint regions of the brain.

When a strong enough level of sexual energy has been built up in the human body, it attracts the spiritual power of atma shakti to descend and spiritualize the entire body and mind. This is a cosmic orgasm of sorts, where the feminine earthy sexual energy of prakrit, or nature, is used to draw the masculine spiritual energy of purusha, or spirit, for raising and expanding the consciousness. This cosmic intercourse creates an inner experience so strong that one can momentarily wake up to their eternal Self and behold the eternal cosmic vision.

In this way energy is used to transform matter to spirit, as the base sexual power or kundalini shakti is refined, amplified and raised to attract Spirit and to illuminate the consciousness.

The Outer Alchemy

There is also a material objective, however. The material objective was NOT to transform base metals into gold. The material objective of physical alchemy was to create superconductive form of monatomic gold, which is sometimes referred to as ormus, manna, white powder gold, and many other names. The Egyptians called it mfkzt, which meant ‘Tear from the Eye of Horus’. The ancient Mesopotamians called it shem-an-na, which means “highward fire-stone”. The Hebrews called it manna, which means “the bread of God”, and was what ran the arc of the covenant.

Monatomic gold is a superconductor where no energy is lost in the form of heat dissipation when being transferred from one point to another. You can transfer energy at any distance without any loss. This makes it incredibly valuable for both technology and spiritual awakening, where the sexual energy is allowed to flow more powerfully through the human body as it attracts the descent of pure spirit. In this way, both the internal and external alchemies are related.

Monatomic Gold – The Bread Of The Gods

Modern science classifies these substances as ORMEs, which means orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements. The name implies a very significant factor belonging to these elements, which is their abnormal nuclear structure resulting from a deformed nuclei. This is precisely what gives it its unique qualities such anti-gravity and the ability to shift between dimensions.

Monatomic gold is actually real gold, as far as its atomic structure is concerned, but it is in a powdered state due to the abnormal state of its nuclei. It can be created from gold, and there are many processes that can remove it from various sources such as sea salt and salt from dried seas, such as you find in northern Africa (read: ancient Egypt!).

The abnormal nuclear structure causes it to have some other very interesting qualities such as levitation. It was discovered that when heated to a particular degree 44% of the weight would suddenly would drop all at once. The weight can eventually be dropped down to absolute zero by increasing the heat, even though the vessel containing the powder had weight before being weighed. When the vessel is emptied of the powdered white gold and again placed on the scale, its weight returns! Monatomic elements therefore have the ability to not only defy gravity, but it gives their host that ability to.

Anti-Gravity Elements, Ascension and Levitation

But what is really happening here? Is it truly levitating? What many quantum mechanics researchers now believe is that the abnormal nuclear field of this material allows it to interact with other dimensions. When the powder reaches a certain degree, the nuclear field will alternate enough for it to begin to appear in another dimension. When it cools down it returns to this dimension.

This suggests that the only thing separating multiple dimensions of solid matter and reality is the nuclear force at the atomic structure. We are atomically tuned to exist on this dimension, there could easily be infinite dimensions with matter having atomic structures tuned differntly. Just like one radio station does not interfere with another when correctly tuned in, one dimension cannot interfere with another when their atomic structures are tuned in to differing nuclear frequencies.

This theory is not so far fetched when you consider what we know about the immense implications of nuclear power. There is more space between the particles inside atoms than there is matter. In fact, there is such little actual physical matter around us that it seems impossible for you to be sitting on what ever is supporting you. You should be able to walk right through walls, if it weren’t for one power. That power is the nuclear force at the very core of the subatomic structure of each and everything in the physical universe.

All as it would take is a slight variation in nuclear forces and these atoms will interact in a completely alternate dimension.

It is well known that kundalini shakti creates intense heat in the body. Could it be that kundalini awakening and consuming monatomic elements can allow yogis to enjoy inter-dimensional travel consciously and at will?

Now let us understand the vast potential for the implications behind monatomic elements. Because it is a superconductor and can negate gravity it has endless uses in technology. Because it is a superconductor and can assist in the optimal flow of pranic energy in the body, monatomic gold has been found to be able to heal and correct damaged DNA when combined with other therapies, therefore enabling the regeneration of both the body and mind. Finally, because it is a powder and actually in the form of a protein and is digestible, it facilitates the superconductivity of prana through your body. This will make you feel like you have electrical super powers! More importantly it makes you the ultimate conduit for the rising of kundalini shakti, sexual energy, and the descent of atma shakti, spiritual power.

The Seven Steps of Hermetic Alchemy

The ancient art of alchemy speaks of seven steps for transforming salt to monatomic gold, and for liberating the dormant spiritual power from within man. The process below will give you the road map for transforming your own bio energy into spiritual power.

Seven Steps of Alchemy:

  1. Calcination – mercury – muladhara
  2. Dissolution – lead – swadisthana
  3. Seperation – tin – manipura
  4. Conjuction – copper – anahata
  5. Fermentation –silver – vishuddhi
  6. Distilation – iron – ajna
  7. Coagulation – gold – sahasrara

Break Down of the Seven Steps:

  1. Calcination – The substance to be transformed is represented here. In this case it is the spiritual aspirant himself. The process begins with breaking down rigid belief structures, prejudices and other stagnant models of reality. One must undergo a certain amount of purification and detoxification. This correlates to the effort given to awaken the kundalini shakti at muladhara so she can begin her ascent up the spine.
  2. Dissolution – At this stage the matter is dissolving. Swadisthana chakra is where our samskaras are stored, the latent impressions from our past experiences. These impressions surface again and again in the form of desires. These desires will pull the aspirant back into their previous cycles and habits. This stage involves learning how to deal with desire. We must learn to take the raw sexual energy flowing in our bodies and direct it. First bio energy manifest as lust, then it manifest as love and finally it manifest as spiritual bliss. Lust is tama guna, love is raja guna and spiritual bliss is sattwa guna. Therefore we can apply this general formula for the gunas: Use the strength of rajas to convert tamas into sattwa. Now we can see how to apply this wisdom to the sexual energy flowing as vitality within our bodies; that is, we must use the strength of love to transform lust into spiritual bliss. This is the essence of Tantra.
  3. Separation – When the kundalini reaches manipura chakra one begins to become more whole, and learns to fully accept and implement all the various aspects of themselves. The solvent has dissolved away and we are left with a crystalized version of our selves. This is the beginning of love. First we learn to love ourselves here at manipura before moving on to love the world at the heart chakra, which is next. Earlier we spoke about the bio energy in the body taking three stages; the lower two chakras correlate to lust, the middle two chakras correlate to love and the upper three chakras correlate to spiritual bliss. Here at manipura we have entered the threshold of love, and we must separate out all the negative self talk, deflating beliefs and debilitating habits and patterns through a radical approach of total self love and acceptance.
  4. Conjunction – When the kundalini rises to the heart chakra one rises above their own self centered model of reality and begins to see the bigger picture of life. The heart expands to contain the whole world. Every body is your own, not just your family and friends. All people are your people. There is a conjunction between the mind and spirit. For the first time we enter into the hallway of our soul. This is where love is perfected.
  5. Fermentation – The throat chakra vishuddhi plays a very interesting role in awakening. This is where the amrit, or the nectar giving eternal life, is experienced. When the sexual fluids and subtle energies are conserved and channeled up through the cerebra spinal fluid to the brain it nourishes certain glands, primarily the pituitary, which goes into a hyper stage of functionality. When the pituitary gland is nourished well enough it begins to secrete human growth hormone, which activates the dormant regions of the brain and promote the rejuvenation of the entire body. A certain fluid can actually be tasted in the back of the mouth, and is often experienced as sweet and causes a very subtle euphoric intoxication of spiritual bliss. To understand this stage we can understand it as being the fruit of love perfected. One begins to exist on a more universal level, rather than a personal or worldly level.
  6. Distillation – When kundalini reaches ajna chakra, at the brow center, the divine eye wakes up. The third-eye sees beyond duality, it sees straight into the karmic and spiritual dimensions. One is now able to distill the ultimate truth – that life is an illusion created by our minds. When one is no longer a slave to their mind, but its master, they begin to wake up to their eternal Self. This is the level of Self-realization.
  7. Coagulation – When spiritual realization gives fruit one enters into samadhi, complete non-duality. There is no difference between the perceiver and what is being perceived. Subject and object have merged. There is a coagulation of spirit. The body, mind and eternal soul are now united into a single enlightened state of being.

These are the seven general steps of alchemy, it is also the steps for how monatomic gold is extracted from certain sources, primarily salts, and it also mirrors the process for the rise of shakti during kundalini awakening.

It is helpful to remember that the whole process of transforming sexual energy into spiritual power flows through three phases, first bioenergy manifests as lust, it is then refined and heightened as love, and then finally refined into its purest essence as spiritual bliss. Bliss is the nature of all energy. Since all matter is energy, everything truly is bliss. The core of tantric practice involves using the strength of love to transform the raw energy of lust into spiritual bliss.

It can be said Shakti is ecstasy and Shiva is bliss. That is to understand that the nature of sexual energy, or kundalini shakti, is total orgasmic ecstasy. The nature of the spiritual power, or atma shakti, is perfect and eternal bliss. When practicing certain kriyas and while experiencing manifestations of kundalini shakti, both these two states are experienced together in an intimate awakening of Self.

Thie whole process of alchemy as outlined above can show us the various stages and benchmarks we can aim for in our own personal spiritual journey, as we learn to increase our vitality, convert lust into spiritual bliss through love and experience the awakening of our dormant spiritual potential.

Many Blessings On Your Journey!

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti…

Sri Devidas was born in southern California and had a strong spiritual connection from a very early age. In 2006 Sri Devidas received shaktipat diksha from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, and experienced the awakening of kundalini shakti. In 2007, he received initiation in a tantric form of kriya yoga. Beginning in 2008 Sri Devidas lived as a brahmacharin in a yoga ashram in northern India, Rikhiapeeth, and studied with many Swamis during his residency. In 2015 he was initiated into Kaula Tantra and began Sri Vidya uppasana.


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