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Retrieving The Lost Arcana Of Ancient Spiritual Knowledge

There was an ancient knowledge brought to post flood human beings by a survivor of the flood, known by different names by the different cultures he encountered.

Some called him Manu or Noah, etc. He is often displayed as a fish god, wearing a fish hat, etc. This is because he came to these ancient cultures from across the sea.

Gifts Of A Pre-Historic Antantean Survivor

He came and taught people civilization and ethics, he taught many great sciences such as alchemy, transmuting the sexual energy in man to spiritual energy, as well as creating and ingesting monatomic gold, which has superconductive and anti gravity properties. He taught about astronomy, astrology, procession and the concept of the ages of the Zodiac. He taught about sacred geometry, kundalini awakening, chakras and the complete science of yoga. He taught the ancient mystical arts from Atlantas the best he could, traveling to every culture around the world that was intelligent enough to listen and learn from him. From his teachings came an ancient global spiritual culture centered on the personal spiritual rebirth of kundalini awakening. He brought post-flood humanity into a golden age, which lasted several millennia.

Center to his efforts to re establish a new Atlantean global civilization was creating monolithic sites at key points around the globe which were built of lay-lines of geomagnetic energy, and amplified the frequencies and energies of the monument into the environment, uplifting all in their vicinity and creating a unified field around the planet to increase the overall frequency of humanity and strengthen the global collective human consciousness.

He also taught how to create alignments on the ground that brought the archetypal cosmic energies from the heavens to earth. In this way his knowledge literally created heaved on earth in such places as Khamet, the old name for ancient Egypt.

In essence, he helped bring back an even more ancient knowledge and help resurrect civilization so man could recover from the enormous catastrophe that wiped out the previous civilization often referred to as Atlantis and was responsible for the extinction of many species of mammals, as well as the eradication of many races and civilizations.

A New Atlantis

This Atlantean survivor propped humanity back up for  several thousands of years. There was a period when it was incredibly beautiful. The frequencies emitting from the pyramids was enough to awaken the kundalini. There was massive kundalini awakening happening all over the planet. The culture was designed to uplift the individual so they could achieve self-actualization and Self-realization.

The energies and frequencies in ancient Egypt were like nothing we can compare to today. There were megalithic structures that were used for sound therapy, creating a similar reaction with harnessing the electrical power from the geology of the land and harnessing it to various chambers which would be oscillating at a particular frequency. These were centers of healing where people could go to re tune the harmonies and vibrations of their body and mind.

People who visit the ancient pyramids in Egypt report that the subtle energy in the air there is palpable and able to be experienced even today. Imagine when it was fully operational!

This culture flourished all across the earth. Even the Americas had their corresponding megalithic structures, which used identical concepts to those found all throughout the ancient world.

In the regions surrounding modern day India the present Vedic culture referred to themselves as the Aryans, which meant the civilized ones. They were indeed part of an ancient civilization that was the pride of humanity.

Power, Greed, Corruption and the Fall of Ancient Egypt

Everything was going great until the seeds of greed, deception and corruption were planted in the hearts of certain men in power. A plot was formed among the elite to seize all the wealth and claim all the power for them selves.

They knew they had to focus on Egypt if they wanted total control. From within the hierarchy this new secret elite created a male dominant priesthood and created much division in ancient Egypt. They began making people pay for their sins, and began rewriting the stories of the gods.

Akhunattan was the last attempt to restore order and rectitude in ancient Egypt, but he was snuffed out. During this time a group of disillusioned priests left Egypt but continued to practice the ancient mystical traditions. They later became the Dogon people of Mali, which are still there today and can be seen to have many similarities.

Gradually the male-based priesthood defeated Egypt from within, rotting it and robbing it of all its greatness. They sought to destroy the global harmony that was created through the megaliths, but they needed to destroy the center generator, and that was the great pyramid. They actually managed to blow it up. This is why there are enormous cracks in many of the pyramids in Giza. They would have fabricated a war, which crippled Khamet once and for all, and then destroying the functionality of the pyramids.

They did their best to destroy the energetic field uniting mankind so they could plunge the world into a dark age and re-invent society to center around their own needs and desires.

From this point on the ancient truth about kundalini was kept hidden, real knowledge was kept secret and the elite continued to absorb more and more material and spiritual power. One of the reasons that powerful spiritual practices have been so fiercely guarded is to keep them out of the hands of those whom were using them to plunge mankind into darkness.

This greed and lust for power has allowed a very dark spirit to take possession of the minds of the rulers of man.

I personally believe the secret elite at the center of this are Satanic, though they may not even know that they are. Satan is the deceiver, and the elite have become seduced by power and greed. The have made contact with an extremely powerful dark energy of some sort, i don’t know if it’s a fallen angel such as Satan or more of a universal archetypal energy of pure evil.

This spirit has the secret elite convinced that they are orchestrating a grand new age of enlightenment with a ‘one world order’ that will be better for everyone. In reality, it is trying to keep any real unity from happening by manufacturing the false facade of a global union and deceiving the people into believing they are free, meanwhile continuing to do what they have always been doing of keeping the masses suppressed, ignorant and powerless, while they exploit them and funnel the public wealth into the hands of the privileged few.

The Awakening Of The Masses

Fortunately, there is a current global spiritual awakening happening, and man is rediscovering the secrets of the lost civilization. The arcana has resurfaced and people are waking up on every continent and in every town. This massive awakening is seen as a huge threat to the ruling elite, whom have kept the ancient wisdom secret for this very reason.

Once the kundalini awakens the spiritual power in a person is activated. It is not a foreign energy, but it is the power of your very own spirit. This is why it was excluded from all modern religions; it is out of their hands and the have no way of controlling kundalini. It is the spiritual power within each person, which expands their awareness, reveals the hidden truths of existence, and sets a person completely free from mortal fear.

The ‘tap-worm secret society’ knows that if the general population had access to kundalini awakening then they could unite and take possession of human society. The masses wouldn’t be fooled by incentives for war through fear and hatred, and the wealth would be redistributed to the public.

Overcoming Brainwashing and Fear Mongering

After the demise of Egypt patriarchal monotheistic religions were erected from ancient Mesopotamian and Babylonian religions and given a new incentive. These new religions become methods for systematically brain washing the masses and instilling them with fear, thus making them easily controllable, exploitable and manipulated.

There were three characteristics of all the new patriarchal religions:

  • To completely remove or conceal the ancient knowledge leading to spiritual awakening.
  • To suppress people sexually so that the kundalini could not accidentally awaken.
  • To instill fear in order to justify genocide, murder, war and the massive robbery of foreign wealth.

The teachings of Christ were taken, perverted and made into Catholicism, which was the brainwash machine of the Roman Empire. And the teachings of Muhammed were taken, perverted and made into Islam. Both of which are responsible for an immense amount of bloodshed, stealing of wealth and conquering of empires.

Now that the religions were rewritten to serve the elite, the truth about the past needed to be concealed as well. The history books about ancient Egypt have been tailored to coincide with keeping people ignorant about our past, and all archaeological exploration in the area is extremely regulated and censored.

No evidence that contradicts what is currently taught about the pyramids is allowed to be taken seriously, and there are many efforts to distort, destroy, cover up and suppress awareness of evidence on the ground in Egypt.

The Re Structuring Of Society

Society was re-structured to keep the elite on the top of the social pyramid and to keep the masses ignorant of each individual’s spiritual power and sovereignty. The people were conditioned to becoming workers and consumers, turning the gears of the system.

Rather than teaching people about their own dormant spiritual power, the kundalini, about sacred geometry, the golden ratio, mental powers, etc. people are now programmed by a system that kills their desire to learn, and keeps them just uneducated enough to not be of any real threat, and stay well out of touch of any real life transformational science and alchemy.

The Secret Of The True Value Behind Gold

The corrupt priesthood in ancient Egypt destroyed one of the most powerful and beautiful cultures to have ever existed on earth. Maybe the most beautiful. They took the secret knowledge of monatomic gold, anti-gravity, superconductivity and kundalini awakening for themselves.

They tried to lie about how they got the manna by fabricating the Old Testament. The Jews were never slaves in ancient Egypt. They never fled from any terrible Pharaos. This story was contrived, a rewriting of history by the victors of wars to try and say that the ancient manna, monatomic gold, was discovered after humans left ancient Egypt, when in fact it was part of the ancient knowledge belonging to the unified world civilization that they toppled.

They want us to believe it was given to Moses by God at Mt. Sinai, where he later came down and had the Israelites burn a gold calf to powder and then eat it. This is an obvious reference to monatomic gold, which was used for spiritual awakening.

But the truth is the monatomic gold, ormus or manna, is a part of the original ancient knowledge that was given to post flood man by the Atlantean survivor. That knowledge was later stolen and concealed from the public, being consolidated among the elite to keep them as the beneficiaries of civilization and all-powerful. Gold was the material substance they could refine into a white edible power, giving them supernatural qualities. All gold was to be collected and stored for the process of alchemy, which was now in the hands of only the elite. This is the reason gold has been used to decorate rulers, is the chosen metal for crowns, and is the reserve metal for the basis behind the concept of material value and money itself.

The book of revelations speaks of a synagogue of Satan, formed by liars claiming to be Jews. Could it be that the elite that toppled ancient Egypt and took the manna and arcana then disguised themselves as the chosen people and rewrote history to make sure they were well concealed?

The corrupt priesthood that brought down Khamet took the opportunity to re write the Torah and appoint themselves as the chosen people of God.

You might think ‘nah, they would never do that’ – but no, you would never do that. They do it all the time.

Lets see what the apostle John had to say about the ‘false Jews’ in Revelations 3:9

“I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.”

The ones who toppled the ancient unified civilization of man then concealed themselves as the Lord’s beloved chosen people, as they brought the manna and ancient knowledge to Rome, where they first began their plot for world domination.

The New World Order – An Old Idea…

From Rome a new world order was created. A perversion of the teachings of Christ were drafted, which served the purpose of alienating people from their spiritual power, distorting the expression of their sexual energy and justifying war.

Many books belonging to the New and Old Testament were removed, and what remained was heavily edited, yet again.

From here the northern lands of modern Europe were conquered and the ancient goddess religions were subdued and all but exterminated.

The eastern lands of India and Asia posed a huge threat to the new world order, the ancient arcana of Hinduism and Buddhism needed to be suppressed. To this aim Islam was fabricated with the same emphasis on concealing true knowledge, suppressing human sexuality and justifying war.

Fortunately the Indian civilizations were already very advanced by that time and they were able to retain the ancient arcana, fairly well.

Sadhus and mystics would form small bands and go high up into the Himalayas, or find sadhana caves in what is modern day Pakistan and Afghanistan. The caves in this part of the world are seemingly endless. Every super power that has attempted a war against Afghanistan has either lost (Russia) or is still in engaged in war (United States). That is because the catacombs of caves go so deep into the earth. It was here that the ancient arcana survived throughout countless waves of invasions.

Sadhus and tantric mystics would be able to hike, often times barefoot, into high regions of the Himalayas because their awakened kundalini gave their body a tremendous amount of heat that kept them plenty warm. Sadhus like this can still be seen today doing the same exact thing.

These ancient holy men are the ones responsible for keeping the ancient arcana alive. No other people have preserved the arcana as well as the spiritual sages of the Himalayas. If you want to be a part of an ancient unbroken living spiritual tradition you can still find that today in many parts of India and Nepal.

The Dogon: A Surviving Ancient Egyptian Priesthood

The closest thing we have to a living ancient Egyptian tradition would be the Dogon people of Mali, and much can be learned from them. Perhaps one reason this part of the world has been kept in war is to keep people from frequenting the ancient world and discovering these secrets. It is also because the resources in that area for monatomic gold and oil are so abundant.

Now lets get back to Egypt… 

One thing we must understand about what happened in ancient Egypt concerns gold. The Egyptians placed huge importance on gold and there was a tremendous amount of gold in ancient Egypt, but they had a different understanding, appreciation and relationship with the metal. They valued gold because of its atomic properties. Gold is the best conductor for electricity of all the other metals. There are metals that would be better for conductivity but they erode and become tarnished a lot faster, whereas gold retains the brilliance in its alloys much, much longer.

Gold is also highly malleable, why is this so important? Why is that always mentioned when people ask why gold is valuable? The pliability of gold allows it to be worked into a wire so that it can become a conduit for electrical power to be directed through.

The reasons the Egyptians were infatuated with gold is because they could transfer electricity through it very efficiently, and even achieve superconductivity within their bodies when ingesting monatomic gold.

Gold is the metallic state of the monatomic mineral that was used in ancient times as a food that made men into gods.

The Great Pyramid at Giza was most likely at least partially capped in gold because it was the center of a power station that was transmitting energy out into the atmosphere and connecting all the other monolithic structures around the world – creating a unified field of spiritual energy around human civilization.

Similarities Between the Great Pyramid and the Tesla Tower

It can be seen from the aquifers below the pyramids and the use of granite and other stones that have an electric charge and can direct a current. The charge built up in the pyramid could be directed into the ionosphere through the gold cap.

The same physics Nikola Tesla was using in his tower that generated electricity out of the surrounding geology was the same physics the ancient Egyptians were using to create a huge power station and antenna which broadcasted this very strong energy to the other monolithic temples around the world, which facilitated the unification of the collective consciousness of all man on earth. In this way, there truly was once a great global advanced civilization on this planet, which had a science and technology more sophisticated and advanced than anything we have seen in modern times.

There are ancient records from around the time of Christ that state that the Great Pyramid was already missing its cap. When the elite finally toppled Khmer through the proxy war they orchestrated, they robbed the kingdom of it’s gold and began accumulating the gold of the entire early western world.

This was all consolidated in Rome, which became the center for the new world order.

Gold, Money, Banks, Debt And Modern Serfdom

The first banks were created and the first highly trained soldiers were developed by the elite around the 10th and 11th centuries. These solders were the Knights Templar, and acted like the armored escort and guards for money transports. It was during this time that the first cheque was invented so the elite could travel from point a to b without having large sums of money on their person.

The Knights Templar were the army of the elite, responsible for protecting their gold; as well as for looting and robbing more gold from their targets.

The Knights Templar soon became the icon of a mighty war into the holy land, the Great Crusades. The purpose of this was supposed to be about religion, and Christianity, but that was just a distraction used to steal more gold and wealth from sites pertaining to the ancient world.

The elite bankers behind the Knights Templar became even more powerful. They chose kings and queens, and were the architects of great wars used to consolidate empires and kingdoms to become under their financial domain. This has continued up till modern times, as is still being played out today.

The Creation of A Parasitic Financial System

Throughout the history of western society the general population and competing rulers and politicians became aware of the secret elite order, to which they responded by taking many hidden forms and becoming experts at deception and concealing themselves from the public.

From their monopoly of gold came the formation of central banks. These banks funded kingdoms and rulers. From banks came loans and debt. They designed a whole parasitic financial system that is rigged to deflate economies and accumulate all the public wealth into the hands of the elite. It was to this end that they re-designed society.

The new society designed by the elite systematically crippled all the remaining cultures containing the ancient knowledge. Nothing about the kundalini was allowed to be taught, anywhere. They used Christianity and Islam, which both stem from the same Abrahamic sources, and were both rewritten to conceal ancient knowledge, oppress people sexually and continue to validate war.

They needed to suppress people sexually so the general population wouldn’t awaken their kundalini even without the ancient knowledge. Also, when you suppress the strongest power in the human body (sexually energy) it leads to all sorts of psychosis and dysfunctional behaviors, which then creates the need for drugs, endless forms of therapy, and a consumer based society founded on seeking fulfillment through material indulgence.

Dysfunctional people are a lot easier to rule and also make for needy seekers of wholeness. Thus people become consumers, workers, and the perfect drones for running and operating the establishment that serves the elite that tailored it.

Conquering the World “For God”!

Of center importance for programming society was a new religion. I’m not saying that Judaism is false. I’m saying the Torah, Qur’an and books of the Old and New Testament were edited, re-written and compiled in a manner that rewrote history and hid the truths of humanity’s glorious spiritual past.

The Jewish people are not responsible for this. There has been an elite class that disguised themselves as Jews a long time ago and rewrote history. It is not important to try and identify which Jews are ‘real’ or not. This is counterproductive. What we need to do now is reclaim the ancient knowledge and apply it in our own personal individual lives for spiritual awakening. Only then can a global spiritual awakening occur. An enlightened society is made up of enlightened individuals.

The Ancient Spiritual Wisdom Lives On

Fortunately we do have a few ancient traditions that have survived. Hinduism is by far the most complete. Then there is Buddhism and Taoism; both of which contain the ancient arcana.

Hinduism, and India in general, provide us with the most well rounded understanding. We must understand what India is: If ancient Egypt had not fallen, yet continued to thrive and live on till today – that is what India is. Not purely, but it is considerably so.

The efforts of the elite to attack India and rob it spirituality were enormous. First Islam and then puritanical England. Although many aspects of ancient Indian mentality have been lost, the arcana has in fact survived! There is a complete knowledge of prana, kundalini, sacred geometry, alchemy, astronomy and many ancient yogic sciences that have survived and can still be learned today.

This explains the situation in India today. At their root is an ancient culture that celebrates all aspects of the human and puts everything in divine light, even sex. But on top of that India has hundreds of years of Islamic invasion and puritan influences teaching to oppress women and suppress sex.

This has led India to also be in a certain state of amnesia, just like the rest of the world. So although the culture in general may not be what it once was in India, the knowledge and spiritual wisdom of that age survives and continues to live on.

Women Are Natural Tantric Masters

Now we are seeing something quite dangerous to the elite’s establishment; that is, women are standing up and claiming their power and status in society. Oppressing women has always been key to suppressing sex and keeping the ancient goddess-based spirituality at bay.

You see, women are natural tantric masters. The more that women can rise and claim their sexual power and intuitive wisdom of love, the more they are able to guide their men to awaken as well.

One key to understanding tantra is to remember that it is sexual energy that is responsible for the key transformations in our life, such as puberty and kundalini awakening. When a strong enough surge of worldly sexual energy rises up in the human body, it attracts the spiritual power, or atma shakti, to descend from the crown chakra and permanently raise the vibrations of the body and mind of the individual.

An essential key to kundalini awakening is in being able to manage and direct sexual energy. Lust becomes a great barrier in this endeavor.

Women are able to utilize the power of sexual energy much more intuitively then men. Women teach men how to take the raw base energy of lust and convert it into love where it can then have the chance to blossom into spiritual bliss.

When a man can let go of all insecurity, totally liberate his woman, becoming completely vulnerable to her and allow her to guide him through sex, then one doesn’t even need to learn the techniques of tantric yoga. It will all happen naturally on it’s own. The final gesture in any spiritual path is surrender.

The Great Goddess is Returning to Mankind!

We have to understand, when it comes to sex in our species, that women have all the power. They are the stewards of sexual power, which is nothing less than the kundalini shakti.

The modern movement of women’s rights and establishing their equality in society is the signaling that the Great Goddess is returning. She is coming back to us now to restore the balance that has been lost and now has our species on the verge of possible extinction.

The ancient knowledge of yoga and kundalini has been released back into the world, only really since the last fifty years or so. People have rediscovered monatomic gold and other m-state metals, which is nothing less than the ancient manna and philosophers stone.

There is no doubt that a massive spiritual awakening has been occurring in society, and women are right at the center of it.

Have you seen a goddess today? Just look at your mother, wife, sister, daughter and female friends!

A Struggle For Supremacy

The establishment is racing to get on top of the current global spiritual awakening by fabricating wars, financial crises, and terror. Trying to divide us by race, religion and politics.

Now is a key time for our species. We must learn to overcome the tremendous fears that are being used to divide, manipulate and control us by the establishment. We must chose to make decisions based on hope and love rather than fear. We must each claim our personal power and work diligently towards self-improvement and spiritual awakening. There are more resources available now to the average person today than ever before. At literally the click of a button you can have all this information, knowledge and wisdom right at your fingertips.

It is now up to us to wake up, unite as one people on this earth, expose the corruption, trust in love throughout the manipulating fear games, and set up systems that maintain transparency in our financial and government institutions.

The Great Goddess has returned, and she has come to liberate her children, set their hearts and spirits free, and usher in a new golden age of enlightenment and human renaissance.

Sri Devidas was born in southern California and had a strong spiritual connection from a very early age. In 2006 Sri Devidas received shaktipat diksha from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, and experienced the awakening of kundalini shakti. In 2007, he received initiation in a tantric form of kriya yoga. Beginning in 2008 Sri Devidas lived as a brahmacharin in a yoga ashram in northern India, Rikhiapeeth, and studied with many Swamis during his residency. In 2015 he was initiated into Kaula Tantra and began Sri Vidya uppasana.

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