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Achieving Total Freedom Through Yoga

Modern science has done a good enough job of explaining to everyone how matter is actually formed by energy. Where as this idea might have gotten you burned at the stake a few hundred years before in certain parts of the western world, it is now something that everyone can begin to comprehend.

We can directly experience our own bioenergy, and can get a feeling for when they are high or low. With this awareness comes a mentality geared towards making lifestyle choices that keep us energized and full of life. We have begun to understand something in the west that was known about in great detail, and was of central importance, in the ancient world.

Maha Prana – The Cosmic Life Force

The ancient Sanskrit culture spoke of prana, which is the life force energy that manifests, sustains and reabsorbs all life out of the mahaprana , or cosmic life-force, of the universe.

The ancient Taoist in China called this subtle all-pervasive energy chi.

Every ancient culture knew about the dimension of energy and had various ways for gathering, storing and directing it, and it is a central theme in their inner alchemy.

Modern science knows many things about energy, but we have still yet to figure out exactly what it is. We can quantify energy, but we can still not adequately define energy. We still do not know ‘what’ it is. This is because western science denies the presence of spirit in matter, and are working their way towards spirit beginning with matter. The ancients approached science from the opposite direction, first beginning with spirit and then elaborating upon its descent into matter.

Energy Flows Where The Mind Goes

There are a few key things the ancients can teach us that will greatly help modern scientists gain a better understanding of energy, what it is and what determines the way it behaves.

The first most important thing is to understand that energy is gathered, concentrated and directed by the mind. Energy flows where the mind goes. This is what explains the occurrences that have baffled many quantum physicists and forced them to reconsider everything they believe about the physical universe.

Certain scientist began to notice that if you conduct multiple experiments, all of them identical to each other, but with different people facilitating the experiment, they will give rise to various results. But, how could this be? If all the experiments are identical how can there be any variation? Eventually what these scientists figured out was that the observer has a direct influence on the experiment by the very presence of his mind.

Now we are getting closer to understanding some pretty juicy stuff! Read along, this has been a bit long winded until now, but I am going to bring together some key concepts from previous posts and reveal something very powerful that you can actually use in your daily life.

Cymatics and Subtle Energy Templates

Let us briefly re-explore a concept talked about earlier. There is a bio energetic template for the human body, which the subtle energy of vitality uses to build and nourish the physical body. The physical body is the gross manifestation of this subtle energetic template. How much vitality we have, and how healthy we are, depends on how well the force of vitality is able to flow through this subtle energy template.

Now, lets explore further…

In modern times a scientist named Hans Jenny, who is the father of cymatics, has made a very important discovery. Cymatics is the study of the visible patterns created by certain sounds, frequencies and vibrations. It has been found that every tone has a corresponding geometric pattern.

The bio-energetic template of all organic matter is, in fact, an extremely subtle pattern created by sound. Each and every molecule and particle in our body has a certain tone, each chromosome in our DNA, and each atom in every cell. These tones create harmonies that represent larger units such as a DNA strand, a complete cell, nerve fibers, etc.

In this way we can each begin to see ourselves as being a grand orchestra, the rhythms and melodies becoming the song of our lives.

So we know that all matter is energy, and that all energy takes it’s form according to frequencies and vibrations.

But what causes these patterns and the tones?

It is, in fact, the mind.

By elevating your consciousness through spiritual practices, and learning to conserve your energy and keep the mind buoyant in positivity, you are also raising the frequency of your entire body/mind complex. This gives a higher voltage of life-force energy to the subtle energetic templates throughout your body, resulting in mental acuity, high energy, and better health. Better health and higher energy makes it easier to stay positive and optimistic. It is a self-reinforcing system. The opposite can also be said to be true, when negativity slows our vibrations down it creates a vicious cycle that leads to perpetual stagnation and degeneration.

It has been well studied that certain thoughts and emotions give rise to particular mental frequencies, which can actually be measured.

It therefore becomes apparent that the factor governing the behavior of the vibrations giving rise to the subtle bioenergy templates, and the formation of all organic matter, is the mind.

The power is completely in your hands.

A Subtle Energy Template For Every Limb, Bone, Muscle, Nerve, Cell and Molecule

The principle of a bio energetic template, resulting from the manifestation of certain sound frequencies, applies to every dimension within our bodies. The body in general has an energetic template, we often call this the aura. However, each limb has a subtle template, each bone, muscle and fiber has its own subtle template, and in fact every cell, atom, molecule and particle have their own subtle templates, as well.

It is no secret among yogis that there is an ancient science of learning how to work with prana consciously. This science has had many names through out time. Currently Tripura Yoga is in the process of re-presenting this ancient knowledge to the world.

The ancient yogic science of prana begins with awakening one’s prana shakti, or vital power, and learning how to sense the dimension of bio energy.

When one can directly experience their own prana shakti, they then learn methods for gathering, storing and directing this energy. This is achieved through various bandhas, or locks, which direct the energy up through the center of the spinal column to the center of the head, the Brahmarandhra. There are also pranayamas, breathing techniques; and mudras, subtle gestures, which help in the process on consciously directing pranic energy.

When a sufficient amount of prana has been re-channeled to the brain, it facilitates the awakening of the dormant regions and in opening the third-eye chakra, ajna, for spiritual realization.

When ajna is awakened one can willfully direct prana from out of their third-eye. Now the yogi is able to send prana consciously to whom ever he chooses. When one receives the prana of an awakened being it can awaken their own prana shakti, as well. The yogi may have directed prana to heal an injury or help alleviate a mental illness, but the one receiving the prana from the yogi is also very likely to have a spiritual awakening, as well.

This is, in essence, what happens during initiation, diksha and shaktipat. The master transfers his/her own prana to the disciple, whom them must nurture that spark and fan it into a fire through their own spiritual discipline.

If you would like to learn this technique Tripura Yoga currently has the following guided meditations available: Prana Nidra, Zero Point Yoga, and Zero Point Yoga Nidra.

When we learn to consciously direct prana, the concept of these subtle energy templates becomes of the utmost importance. When the advanced practioner directs prana for healing, they do not send prana to the physical body part. They send prana to the subtle energetic template that governs the state of health within that body part. By revitalizing the energetic template one is able to correct the flow of bio-energy and remove the very source of any illness or injury.

When this technique is perfected there is no limitation in the ability to heal and even regenerate one’s self and others.

The Secret of the Yantra

Now that we understand the relationship between sound, the geometric shapes they correlate to, and their ability to manifest organic matter – we can begin to understand how to use one of the most powerful tools in all of tantra; the yantra.

Yantras are sacred geometric shapes that represent certain universal archetypal forces, we know as the gods and goddesses.

It has been said that yantras are the geometric equivalent of the mantra (for those who do not know, the mantra is a sacred sound chanted to create a certain energy in and around you).

The work of Hans Jenny, and his science of cymatics, has revealed just how powerful this is. Yantras are the ancient science that he stumbled upon later in his own way. The tantric science of the yantra not only gives us a visible representation of the mantra, but it acts as the housing, catalyst and amplifier of the energy being invoked.

The chanting of the mantra, together with the presence of the yantra, manifests the divine energy that they correlate to into the space around the meditator.

There is only one component missing, and that is the life-force of prana.

We impart prana to the yantra using a ritual called prana pratistha. This ceremony gives life force to the yantra. Now when the mantras are recited, and the energy becomes palpable, the spiritual energy of the divine will be experienced as well.

Below is a quick but potent version of prana pratistha to get you started.

This method requires that you know the bija of your mantra. That is the seed syllable of the mantra. For example, the bija of the Ganesha mantraOm Gam Ganapataye Namaha” is ‘Gam.’ The bija mantra for “Om Namah Shiva” is ‘Om’, etc. If you do not know your bija, you can just use the pranava mantraOm’, in stead.

How to Energize a Yantra (Prana Pratistha)

Before beginning your mantra meditation, sit in front of your yantra and take a few deep breaths to calm the mind and become completely still and in the present moment.

Prana Pratistha Instructions:

When you are ready, visualize the bija of your mantra at muladhara as you inhale and see the bija, and many white streaks of prana, rise up through the spinal column to the brow center. Bring the tips of the middle and ring fingers of the right hand together to the thumb and place at the brow center. Now exhale and visualize the bija following your right hand down as you place it on the bindhu (center dot) of the yantra. The yantra is now energized and ready for worship.

When you finish the worship it is good to reverse the process: Inhale bringing the bija from the yantra back to the brow center with the same mudra in the right hand as before. Then exhale and see the bija descend through the center of the spinal column back to the root chakra, muladhara.

Upon applying this technique we now have a yantra with the cymatic frequency of the mantra engraved upon it, thus magnifying the energy of the mantra chanting and generating a very real living presence of the divine.

Eventually the yantra becomes a battery, maintaining the energy of the divine in its environment. This was the purpose behind nearly all megalithic temples and structures. The stones were like batteries, soaking up the energy from the ritual and storing it. Many can still feel the magical energy of these ancient sites even today.

We Are Self-Sustaining Beings of Sound and Light

We have gained a decent understanding of how matter manifests into the physical dimension, however there are a few keys to this understanding we need to elaborate upon in order for us to discover how we can use this technology to radically improve our quality of life.

One of the greatest mysteries of our bodies, and all organic matter, is that life seems to precipitate out of the ether of space. The all-pervasive universal energy, mahaprana, is funneled into the living system from a point within what seems to be nothingness.

This understanding allows us to realize that the bio-energetic fields create physical matter, and not the other way around. We are the cause of our own existence, and not the effect of the world. You have the ultimate power in your life, and are not limited by your genetics, environment or personal history. You are only limited by your mind.

From this vacuum state of nothingness comes the matrix of time and space and the electromagnetic fields allowing particles to orbit around their center of gravity.

Perhaps we can view the individual soul as the focal point that projects the all-pervasive life-force of the universe into material reality, creating a hologram of our body/mind complex that is in accordance with the samskaras, or karmic impressions, that the soul brings along with it from life to life.

The soul is therefore like a film projector, and the slides on the screen are the samskaras, which (like stained glass) completely determines our perspective of reality.

One of the limitations of cymatics is that it is displaying these tones and vibrations in only two dimensions, when in fact these tones manifest in much more than that. These are also three-dimensional structures, and are responsible for creating the various patterns of physical matter. These bio-energetic templates create movement, as well. They are not static. These tonal patterns vibrate the various densities of physical matter into existence by creating a vortex pattern within their subtle structure.

The spin of this vortex, maintained by the frequency of the subtle energy template, is what brings the whole system to life.

In our youth the force behind the spin in the vortex of each subtle template is fast and strong. As we age the power of the vortex slowly diminishes. In this way we can understand that motion, movement and dynamic energy determines the quality of health and vitality in every living system.

The Key to Youthful Vitality is to Dance with Life

This reveals a big key to vitality and longevity. Which is this – we need to stay as physically active as we possibly can. By getting out even more that usual and walking, jogging, exercising, playing sports, doing yoga, manual labor, etc. we are staying in motion with life, and life is staying in motion with us, as well. It is a dance. When we leave the dance, life starts to leave us, as well.

Let us recall the three gunas; that is – rajas, tamas and sattwas. Here we can say that tamas is stagnation, rajas is motion and sattwa is the sustainable balance between the two. The key to overcoming lethargy and stagnation is in rajas; that is, perpetual motion, activity, dynamic energy, movement, etc. However too much dynamic can leave you feeling equally as drained. That is where the sustainable balance of sattwa comes in. By finding the balance where we are neither sluggish nor overly tense. Like a string instrument, which must be at the right intensity of tension to play a tone, but not too tight as to snap.

Many of us think that in order to maintain our energy we need to rest more and stay neutral, reserving our energy for when we might need it. This is absolutely incorrect, and is oftena  ploy of the smaller self, or ego, to avoid having to do any form of manual labor or exercise. In fact, the opposite is true. If you want to build up more vitality, and conserve it so it is not lost, we need to eat more fresh and higher vibration foods, breath better, think positive and stay physically very active.

Eventually we should strive to maintain balance, so we neither wear ourselves thin nor degrade into entropy. The sweet spot of balance is when you are fully energized, fully aware, yet relaxed and free from all nervous and muscular tension. This is the Zen-like sattwic state so coveted by meditators and spiritual aspirants.

Activating the Spiritual Potential from Within the Human Body

Until now we have described how spirit manifests into energy and matter. This is what gives us life in the physical dimension of duality where we can interact with the world.

The spiritual process is in learning to distill the spiritual essence within man. For this we are interested in going the opposite direction, that is – learning to expand the consciousness and liberate the spirit from within matter.

Perhaps the greatest discovery in western science in the last hundred years has been nuclear technology. This discovery has changed the course of humanity. We have entered the nuclear age and there is no going back. However, the nuclear process of fission provides an excellent understanding for how to liberate the stored potential energy from within the very nuclear structure of matter.

In many ways, the process of nuclear fission resembles the process of kundalini awakening, in which the stored potential spiritual energy is released from within man by splitting the atom of duality and releasing the spiritual power from within.

The ancient science of alchemy addresses this very issue of using energy to liberate spirit from matter. This is also the direct objective of Kundalini Yoga.

The most highly spiritually charged element inside the human body is the sexual fluids; the sperm, ovum and seminal fluids.

The process of kundalini alchemy involves conserving this fluid and extracting the spiritual charge from it, raising it through the central channel in the spine and to the center of brain. The sexual energy eventually attracts the descent of the spiritual energy, which enlightens the yogi with an accompanying experience of immense spiritual bliss.

This technique for raising the kundalini shakti is not very hard to learn and involves a yoga kriyra which is basically the combination of spinal breathing and maha bandha, together with ujjayi pranayama, khechari mudra and shambhavi mudra; which are all used to consciously direct sexual energy up from the genitals to the center of the head. This technique will be taught in future video courses here on the Tripura Yoga website.

Identifying and Transcending the Limiting Factors in Your Life

When ever we experience a certain limitation in our lives, on any of the five dimensions of our being, it is the result of tamoguna (i.e. stagnation). Within the physical body we may have limitations in the range of movement of certain limbs, joints and other body parts. This physical rigidity is the result of stagnation and is a liming factor in our lives.

Similarly on the dimension of subtle energy, we have tamasic blockages where the energy stagnates and causes a loss of health and disease.

On the mental dimension we can experience stagnation in the form of rigid concepts and beliefs, a poor self-image, habitual negativity, chronic pessimism, etc.

On the psychic dimension we experience stagnation when we constantly expose ourselves to negative influences and programming, such as movies with senseless violence, video games and mainstream news channels pumping their audience with fear and propaganda.

A Formula For The 3 Gunas: Use the strength of dynamic energy to convert static energy into sustainable power.

In this way, in yoga we can consider stagnation, tamoguna, to be the source of all of our limiting factors that inhibits the full range of free expression in our lives. Yoga is the science of transcending these limiting factors by dissolving the stagnation from our lives. In order to understand this direct objective of yoga we must understand the basic formula for the gunas; use the strength of rajas to transform tamas to sattwa. Another way to say this is: Use the strength of dynamic energy to convert static energy into sustainable power.

A Yoga Practice for Every Dimension of Your Being

Let us apply this concept to the physical body. The key to free up rigidity in the body, and become more flexible and balanced, is to perform the dynamic postures of yoga, for this we have asanas. The key to free up blockages in the energy body is to improve the quality of your breathing, for this we have pranayama.

The key to free up mental blockages is to become resolutely positive and optimistic, re-framing all your experiences to see the upside and toppling any debilitating beliefs and thought patterns, for this we have karma yoga. The key to psychic health is in exposing yourself to positive influences in the form of mentors, support groups, positive thinking friends and uplifting recreational activities; for this we have bhakti yoga.

Achieving Total Free Range of Expression

When we see the potential of yoga to help us transcend all of our limitations so we can experience the full potential of expression in every area of our lives, then we can go about putting this system into practice.

First we must understand the three-fold process of yoga:

Step 1: Identify a limiting factor on one of the dimensions of your being.

Step 2: Discover the method for transcending that limitation.

Step 3: Apply the method until the acquisition of excellence.

With these tools in hand we can now see how to use the yogic method to scan the various layers of our being and identify where tamas has formed. We can then identify a method to unblock, vitalize and set the stagnated energy into motion, until we transcend our limitations and achieve personal mastery through a sustainable balance with the various forces of nature within ourselves.

Sri Devidas was born in southern California and had a strong spiritual connection from a very early age. In 2006 Sri Devidas received shaktipat diksha from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, and experienced the awakening of kundalini shakti. In 2007, he received initiation in a tantric form of kriya yoga. Beginning in 2008 Sri Devidas lived as a brahmacharin in a yoga ashram in northern India, Rikhiapeeth, and studied with many Swamis during his residency. In 2015 he was initiated into Kaula Tantra and began Sri Vidya uppasana.


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