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Embracing Your Human Nature

The science of yoga is among the most humanitarian and life affirming traditions to have ever graced mankind with its presence. Yoga empowers each individual to transcend his or her own self imposed limitations, negative thought patterns, and cultural conditionings. Allowing you to reveal your unique greatness invested in you by nature.

Total Personal Freedom

Yoga directly addresses the issue of how to achieve a very deep level of personal freedom. To become self-aware of your role as a co-creator in the sacred dance which unfolds the universe.
Everything in yoga has a specific and direct objective; to dehypnotize you and remove all unfulfilling conditionings and limiting factors from your life.

These conditionings are mental fabrications known as chitta vrittis in the yoga sutras. Anywhere that we do not have a full range of free expression in our lives is the result of a conditioning. Physical stiffness is a conditioning. Mental rigidity is a conditioning. Social norms and expectations are a conditioning. Religious and academic institutionalization is a conditioning.
Yoga is the process of identifying and transcending these limitations, allowing you to experience your innate personal power. To embrace your unique traits in nature. And to express your natural traits and talents to their fullest potential.

The Yogic Process

The three-fold yogic process involves the following:

1.    Self awareness and identifying a limiting factor or mental conditioning.
2.    Discovering the antidote to that limiting factor (it need not be from the group of practices traditionally held as yogic, anything that allows you to transcend a limitation can be considered yogic from this perspective).
3.    Application of the antidote. The refining and mastery of the solution, and the acquisition of excellence.

Everything we do at Tripura Yoga is meant to transcend the limitations to free expression at one of the five levels of our being.

1.    Physical Level – Anamaya Kosha
2.    Bioenergetic Level – Pranamaya Kosha
3.    Mental Level – Manomaya Kosha
4.    Psychic Level – Vigyanamaya Kosha
5.    Spiritual Level – Anandamaya Kosha

On the physical level we have asanas, the postures, to achieve balance, transcend physical stiffness, and attain full range of motion through out the body.

Bhakti yoga and the yoga breathing techniques is for the second layer of the body, which is characterized by vitality and emotions. The breathing techniques allow us to manage the raw energy of emotion and to balance our mental and vital forces within the subtle body.

Dynamic meditations and karma yoga effect the mental conditionings at the third level, which is the mind.

Yoga nidra, symbolism, ritual and tantric meditation address the fourth level of our being, the psyche.
And the fifth level of our being, which is the spirit, can only be accessed through mantra and direct self-recognition.

Anywhere that we are limited in life, yoga helps us attain freedom. That is the direct and attainable objective of yoga. With this in mind, yoga takes on a very new and specific role in our lives. We can use all the various practices with a particular aim; to become self aware, discover a method to transcend any of the limitations on one of the five levels of our being, and perfect that method towards spiritual liberation. So that we can express our creative nature more fully, and interact with the world in a more meaningful and fulfilling manner.

Truth, Effulgence and Beauty

Yoga can even show us the way out of the tangled web of illusion, and the beliefs and other mental modifications we use to construct our map of the world; so that we too can have an experience of the universal vision – of something outside the prisons of our own minds.
Yoga and tantric meditations allow you to experience the eternal and intrinsic qualities of the universe. It allows you to experience all energy, matter and consciousness, which is of the nature of Truth, Effulgence and Beauty.

Although the mind is the only barrier, there is no doubt that we need a mind. And nobody wants to be mindless. One must learn to harness and direct the mind to fully embrace the heart with radical self-acceptance of one’s inner natures. While undoing all the limiting beliefs, social conditionings and models of reality imposed on us by society, we simultaneously want to uncover our unique personal nature; the strengths, qualities and talents endowed to us by prakriti, mother nature,.

Nature Wants You To Thrive

By relearning how to breath, and managing our thoughts and emotions to express the qualities of the heart, we can totally let go of all limiting thought patterns. Allowing ourselves to really fall in love with ourselves over and over again.

Everybody has personal qualities and strengths nature has afforded them as a means for thriving in their environment, not only surviving. Mother nature is not primarily interested in only survival, she’s interested in seeing each and every form of life thrive in a playful expression of that effulgent beauty of that true bliss of being that saturates the universe.

One may wonder, if this is our nature why doesn’t each person live in an unbroken deep inner awareness  of bliss and ecstasy as the universe naturally unfolds itself? The learned belief structures, behavior patterns, habitual responses, beliefs structures, mundane thoughts, and cultural conditionings each one of us use to filter our experiences end up just severing us from experiencing the true nature of the universe and the latent bliss within every moment.

Manifesting Your Chosen Reality

These mental fabrications is what Patanjali was trying to make us aware of when he used the words chitta vritti, in the second sutra of the Yoga Sutras.

“Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirdoha” (yoga is the process of blocking the modifications of the mind). Yoga Sutras Verse 2.

These mental modifications are the way that we use our thoughts and our natural creative capacities to manifest our realities. We either chose to embrace our nature, become one with ourselves, and move through the world in a way that is congruent with our inner vision; or, fight with ourselves and create a split in our personality, causing an immense of time and vitality to be wasted on inner tensions and turmoils that only exist within our mind.

Humanity Has Yet To Be Born

Society teaches us to be powerless, reactive and schizophrenic. Because society teaches that there are still aspects of human nature that needs to be suppressed.

Until our societies completely embrace human nature and empower the individual person towards autonomy and self actualization, humanity has yet to emerge.

We still live in the dark ages of humanity. Rather than encouraging self-discovery, our children are forced to comply with a set of social norms and expectations that stunt and then cripple the unique and creative self expression of each individual.

By the time each of us are two years old most of us have all been conditioned to be hypnotized throughout the rest of our lives, sleep waling in a single file line waiting for death to call our number.

However, we were not wired to suffer or experience a mundane life. Pain is a physical sensation only, and the mind creates suffering when it is in an untrained mode characterized by ignorance of it’s own creative power, natural potential, and awareness of bliss.

Accepting And Celebrating Your Inner Nature

A tree grows towards the light because it is following it’s nature. Nature’s way is always as an expression of the incomparable beauty latent in the universe.

The way a person’s mind behaves is their nature, and it is beautiful.

We must befriend the mind. And end the war of self-criticism within. You are not a sinner and you are not a saint. You are not good, you are not bad, and you are not a combination of the two. You are simply spirit, having a human experience here on planet earth. To express your individual nature.

We all have desires, urges and drives that were generously invested in us by nature to be co-creators in this ecstatic universal dance of self expression called life.

There’s an old Irish saying, “dance like none’s looking”. But i say, “dance like everyone’s looking and you really don’t care”! Because you are one hundred percent confident and self assured, because you understand that it is not you dancing, its prakriti (the intelligence of nature), expressing the beauty of the universe through you.

You Are Already Perfect

You are already perfect. You don’t have to gain anything. Only lose the ignorance of your greatness, so that you can embrace the unique and great strengths that allow you to express the beauty of life through the form of your current incarnation.

Yes, you do not die when the body dies. But you do lose the chance to ever again enjoy this particular combination of genetics and the unique expression of life that you now embody.

Use your thoughts to manifest the destiny that is congruent with your personal nature.

Use your goddess given traits to express your individuality and enjoy abundance as you thrive.

To thrive is your nature. And is the purpose behind all your unique traits and characteristics.

Follow The Bliss In Your Heart

Dismiss herd mentality and fear based thinking. and fall in love with your self. Group thinking never fosters originality. By following the bliss in your heart, and expressing your self without any inhibitions, you’ll be living in joy. And enjoying greater abundance of every type in your life.

Embrace your human nature. Your soul didn’t come on this ride to sit in the back seat and let society drive. You can reclaim control over your life at any moment, and get back on track to realizing your fullest potential in every arena of life.

Nature has given you everything you need to fully blossom. But are you choosing to grow towards the light? Or are you allowing negative programming to keep you just below the canopy of the other blossoming flowers, because it’s safe and comfortable?

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about any of that ever again. Once you implement the yogic process to identify the solution, and begin putting it into practice, you can then remain positive and focus on your strengths. Then you can allow the process of evolution to unfold itself through you.

Soar To Greater And Greater Heights

Spend your thoughts wisely. Create the reality that allows you to soar to greater and greater heights. Utilize the ancient practices of yoga and tantra, such as those available from Tripura Yoga, to claim your birth right as the Supreme Bliss of the Universe, and the sovereign cause of your life.

It is worth understanding that we can never be vritti-less, we can not function on this dimension without some modifications of the mind. Even when meditators have a universal experience of samadhi or nirvana, when they come back they again take up a new vritti (mental modification), called the Brahma Vritti, in which you see God in everyone and live in constant unbroken awareness of the intoxicating bliss within everything.

So, do not fight with your mind. Do not merely tolerate or accept yourself either, but really celebrate yourself as a perfectly unique expression of nature. A flowering of the divine universal consciousness in a physically manifested state of incomparable brilliance.

You are the miracle of life. Self aware consciousness itself is divine, as it is through us that the universe comprehends and experiences itself.

Life Is Orgasmic Ecstasy

The god and goddess, Shiva and Shakti, consciousness and energy, are both experiencing themselves through us, as us. We are their ecstasy. The bliss of lovers does not only exist during intercourse. But within each breath. Every interaction between the sense organs and their objects, each and every moment, is suffused with immaculate bliss.

The sacred tremor within the nucleus of every atom of the universe is itself orgasmic bliss. Bliss is both intrinsic and extrinsic. It penetrates and saturates the entire universe. This is why it is so easy to overlook.

A fish has no concept of being wet, it lives it’s whole life submersed in water; similarly, we always experience the pure atmic bliss of being in each and every moment. We only have to become aware of it.

Innocent As A Child

In one very real sense, a child playing make believe alone outdoors is more alive and in tune with reality than the world of adults living around him. He is using his creative faculties to manifest the reality that is most exciting and fulfilling to him, and on one level he is always aware that he is only playing a role and that his thought forms are only make believe. Meanwhile, everyone else uses their minds to create a mundane level of reality, willfully experiencing suffering and misery, and then delusionally believing it all to actually be true.

Children do not need help to grow up. Grown-ups need help to be reminded of what it is like to be a child again.

Children only need support and encouragement so that their natural strengths can grow and flourish. They need a safe environment that encourages self growth. A farmer does not force his plants to grow, if he tries to get too involved he will only destroy the seedling. He can only maintain the right environment for growth to occur, and nature takes care of the rest.

But when we try to interfere with one another, in force our ways, our paradigms, our conditionings, fears, expectations and delusions on one another – only then does that outside interference have an influence,and its always an ugly one.

You may use your wire frames and trimmers to manipulate a plant to look like an animal, but this is always ugly in comparison to a random unexpected wildflower blossoming and revealing its nature. Such beauty, no human hand can recreate.

Similarly, your natural traits that nobody had to teach you are always your most beautiful. Those who try to prune you seek to limit and restrict you. Real friendships are those that embrace each others rough edges, celebrate each others wild sides, and encourage an uninhibited free flow of creative self expression in every situation.

Sri Devidas was born in southern California and had a strong spiritual connection from a very early age. In 2006 Sri Devidas received shaktipat diksha from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, and experienced the awakening of kundalini shakti. In 2007, he received initiation in a tantric form of kriya yoga. Beginning in 2008 Sri Devidas lived as a brahmacharin in a yoga ashram in northern India, Rikhiapeeth, and studied with many Swamis during his residency. In 2015 he was initiated into Kaula Tantra and began Sri Vidya uppasana.


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