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Ancient Mystical Secrets of Tantra Revealed

The ancient mystical Indian tradition of Shakti Tantra has many powerful tools for personal development, self-empowerment and spiritual awakening. Although the science of the ritual has been kept secret for thousands of years, it was encoded in the form of symbolism right in the public’s eye for everyone to see – but only for the initiates to understand. Here I will be revealing the secrets and the science behind some of the most potent and useful aspects of Shakti Tantra.

The Goddess is making the ancient spiritual wisdom now available. It had almost been lost, then kept extremely well hidden, but is now being made available for all spiritual seekers that we may transcend the collective consciousness of mankind from greed to compassion. The planet is nudging her children to awaken from their slumber.

Let us begin with the two primary universal archetypes, Lord Shiva and Lady Shakti.

Living the Myth of Shiva and Shakti

Shiva and Shakti are the polar energies governing our descent from nondual universal consciousness into our current manifest state of being.

Shakti is the goddess, the feminine principle of creation, the physical universe and the intelligence of nature. She is all sexy, seductive, drawing the life giving powers of consciousness from Shiva, whom enjoys beholding her beauty so much that he makes a third eye with which to see her with more fully.

Shiva is the masculine principle of creation. He is the all-pervasive universal consciousness, which remains unchanged throughout the play of energy and matter. He is the spirit within all life of the universe. The incoming and outgoing breath of each living being are His footsteps as he walks throughout eternity.

Shiva energy is expansive and likes to be high and very free. It is the role of Shakti to seduce him through her dance of life, and stir him from his meditation. When the eyes of Shiva open and he beholds the sexy dance of his beloved, a new cycle of the universe begins.

Kundalini and Sexual Awakenings

The essence of all created energy is sexual ecstasy. The universe is all sexy. Sex energy is responsible for the development and continuation of each form of life, no matter how big or small.

When the sexual energy first awakens in the form of puberty it turns the boy into a man, and the girl into a woman. When the sexual energy again awakens in the form of kundalini, the wo/man is spiritualized and becomes divine.

The correlation between puberty and kundalini awakening being made here is extremely important.

Many people attempt to describe the difference between prana shakti and kundalini shakti, but fail. Prana shakti is the sex energy that manifests all life, commonly known as life force, vitality or bio energy. Kundalini shakti is the sexual energy that overrides the whole subtle and physical system and transforms it. Puberty is a sort of mini kundalini awakening, but in both cases it is sexual energy that is being activated. This is the difference between prana shakti and kundalini shakti. Just as puberty cannot be undone, kundalini awakening can also not be undone; the sexual energy has been activated to a higher level.

Kundalini symbolizes the transformational power of sexual energy. Here is one secret you must understand: Kundalini and sex are synonymous.

Tantra begins with learning how to manage sexual energy in the body, which starts off as lust, then becomes love and finally spiritual bliss. The lower two chakras muladhara and manipura correlate to lust. The central two chakras, manipura and anahata, correlate to love. The upper two chakras, vishuddhi and ajna, correlate to spiritual bliss.

The Secret of the Three Gunas

The ancient Indian mystics spoke of the three gunas, they are what all life is composed of. They are the threads of reality that the eternal cosmic flow of energy transitions through in the process of going between states of matter, energy and mind. Everything that comes into being has all of these three components in some variation of arrangement. This means even a stone, a tree and a mountain has the element of mind to some extent.

The first thing you must know about the gunas is that they are actually a scale between two polarities of inertia on one end, and motion on the other end. The third guna is the balance between the two. Tamas is inertia, and Rajas is motion. Sattwa is the coveted sweet spot of sustainable balance. Balance seems to be among the largest challenges for man – it represents sustainability.

Now comes the part where this all ties in to something that you can actually use. We express our energy first in the tamasic form of lust, then in the rajasic form of love and finally in the sattwic form of spiritual bliss. Let us say this in a more tantric and poetic way; the ecstasy of Shakti takes us to the spiritual bliss of Shiva. This secret can be seen carved on the walls at Khajuraho; the erotic sculptures outside lead you within to the serene and blissful Shiva inside the temple.

We can now understand how one interacts with the gunas in our spiritual life. The tamas of lust must be transformed into love using the strength of rajas, so that the spiritual bliss within sattwas can be experienced, allowing us to transcend our previous limitations and move closer to enjoying the pure atmic bliss of being, which is pure infinite joy, inner peace and contentment.

The Secred Tremor and the Internal Orgasm

Tantra uses many sacred diagrams called yantras, which are the geometric equivalent of the mantra and the form of divinity, or universal archetype, that they both pertain to. A mantra is a sound used to create the vibrations of that divinity and the yantra is the vessel for containing and magnifying that energy into the presence around you. Therefore, a mantra is infinitely more powerful when used in unison with a yantra, just as a source of conducting electricity is more powerful when connected to a battery and transformer.

If you look at the center of any yantra you will see a dot. This is dot is called the bindhu, and is the ancient equivalent of what modern science would call a nucleus. The bindhu is the point from which all life manifests from within nun-duality and into that manifest realm of duality. It is the transcendental portal from which spirit projects the hologram of sound of light that becomes our body/mind complex.

All life manifests from from within. We are Self-created and not the affect of the world.

The first wave of consciousness tremors out from the bindhu creating vibration, oscillation, frequency and sound. The sacred tremor, or the spandan, is or the nature of pure orgasmic bliss. Many have experienced the spandan during sexual peaks where their body cannot stop undulating, shaking and trembling. These intense waves of ecstasy are at the primal core and essence of everything manifesting into existence.

From the spandan, tremor, within the bindhu, nucleus, arises the cosmic sound, of nada. Sound is responsible for vibrating the physical world into existence.

Within the human body the bindhu is the semen and ovum. It is the most highly refined substance in the human body, taking over fifty drops of blood to create each drop of bindhu. The vital charge within the bindhu is so powerful that it can create life.

Our entire lives center around creating bindhu. The primary function of our body is to stay healthy and alive so that we can eat good food, and so that food can be transformed into blood, and so that the finest nutrients within that blood can be transformed into sperm and ovum for the continuation of life.

We must understand that the sexual energy within the body uses the sperm and ovum as it’s physical catalyst.

The real art of tantra cones from retaining one’s bindhu and channeling the charge of prana shakti up the cerebrospinal fluid to the brain where the dormant regions can be nourished and slowly begin to become activated. This is the metaphysical equivalent for the same process that happens as a result of transforming lust into love and finally spiritual bliss. Now we can see how this process of transforming sexual energy into spiritual bliss redirects our most vital bio energies to awaken the dormant regions of the brain.

The Key to Yogic and Tantric Sadhana

You are now ready to learn one of the most disturbing, argued and un-liked aspects of tantra and yoga. Because there is no difference between sexual energy and spiritual energy (in fact, it is the sexual energy that triggers spiritual awakening), that means that the prana shakti within the sperm and ovum must be conserved and redirected. This is the reason why celibacy is a mandatory requirement for performing yogic and tantric sadhanas. The only other alternative is to master tantric sex so that you can retain the bindhu in the midst of sexual intercourse and even orgasm. However, while learning this method celibacy is again required. So it becomes apparent that in order to learn the technique that allows you to set aside celibacy you must first become celibate while learning it.

Sorry, wish there were a way around it. But in order to start becoming aware of your prana shakti, your subtle body, the chakras and your spiritual power you must stop draining your vital reserves and start learning to oscillate with higher frequencies of life-force energy without giving in to carnal urges. It sounds impossible, but the mind is the only barrier. It doesn’t have to be that hard if you don’t want it to be. Many have done it before, you can do it too!

Spiritual Awakenings in Daily Life

Many do not understand the difference between psychic experiences and spiritual experiences. We must understand that all psychic visions, psychic powers, etc. are all products of the psyche, the vigyanamaya kosha, which is still limited to the dimension of duality. Only spirit is outside of duality. Spiritual experiences are therefore those that are completely void of thought, the apparatus of the mind, and the analysis of the intellect. Sense it is outside duality, how can we experience it? Well, that’s just the thing. We can’t fully, until we enter into deeper and deeper states of samadhi.

We experience that state between every thought, and it is from where answers suddenly manifest. However, we are not able to perceive it because it manifests as the gap between thinking. The only time we ever experience the spiritual dimension consciously is during samadhi and during orgasm. It is the small death where we momentarily transcend all time, ego and differentiation. We are not only in the moment, but we are the moment. There is no difference between you and all existence. The pain of separation is gone, you are the universe.

Tantra teaches us to take the science of meditation into the art of sex. It is not forcing sex to become mechanical; rather it is allowing the ecstasy of Shakti to direct our love making so that she may deliver us to her beloved Lord Shiva within her very bosom.

Sri Devidas was born in southern California and had a strong spiritual connection from a very early age. In 2006 Sri Devidas received shaktipat diksha from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, and experienced the awakening of kundalini shakti. In 2007, he received initiation in a tantric form of kriya yoga. Beginning in 2008 Sri Devidas lived as a brahmacharin in a yoga ashram in northern India, Rikhiapeeth, and studied with many Swamis during his residency. In 2015 he was initiated into Kaula Tantra and began Sri Vidya uppasana.


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