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A Yogic Approach to Super Human Vitality and Reverse Aging

First let us consider how the universe is a sea of limitless power and energy. It is neither empty nor void, and life does not occur only on this planet. Life is an intrinsic aspect of the universe, it permeates all matter. Energy is not separate from consciousness and spirit. Spirit and the universal energy that saturates everything are not separate by any means. The physical dimension is simply an external manifestation of the spiritual. As above, so below.

We are like fish swimming in the ocean. There is water outside the fish, and there is water inside the fish, as well, in the form of vital fluids. The water in the ocean is like the infinite cosmic energy of the universe, Maha Prana. The vital life fluids in the fish are like the life force within each individual form of life, prana shakti.

Bliss and ecstasy are at the very essence of all life.

The essence of life is bliss. All energy expresses itself as orgasmic ecstasy. We often times overlook it, or are completely unaware of spiritual bliss; just as a fish is ignorant of the concept of water. Water is all it has ever known, it has nothing to compare or contrast it with. The only time it knows an absence of water is when it is dying. So too it goes with the ecstasy within prana.

Although we call the vital power inside the body prana, and the cosmic energy outside the body as Maha Prana, they are in fact both essentially the same. When entering the body of a sentient being, the limitless cosmic energy of Maha Prana has simply been transformed into slower frequencies of mind, energy and matter. But the ecstatic essence is the same.

Ancient Tantric Knowledge of Nuclear Physics

The ancient tantra shastras speak of the bindhu, which is the center point from which everything manifest within duality. Bindhu itself is seen as being neither within duality nor outside of it. It is represented as a dot, symbolic of it having no dimensions. It is the point from which Maha Prana is first transformed into prana. Today we would understand the bindhu as being the nucleus. Which also serves as a powerhouse of sorts, capable of creating radical nuclear reactions when split.

The nucleus is the portal from which the universal life force is funneled into the living organism, which is initiated by a tremoring force, called spandan, the orgasmic vibration at the very core of creation. This state is often felt as uncontrollable shaking during trance states, spiritual experiences, and powerful sexual union. This sacred tremor is the primordial pulse of the universe, and when it erupts – life is formed.

As a result of the tremoring within the bindhu, or nucleus, there is the sound of nada which begins the play of vibration and frequency that is the source of the vital current of Maha Prana. Simultaneously there is light, which is focused into kalas, or rays of consciousness. We can therefore see the fundamental components of the cosmic energy which the jivanatma (individual soul) funnels into atma shakti (spiritual power) as being formed by light and sound. On the subatomic level we are more holographic than material; a projection of our spirit in accordance with our samskaras (karmic impressions from past lives), which is transforming Maha Prana, into atma shakti; atma shakti into kundalini shakti, kundalini shakti into prana and manas shakti. The journey of the yogi is the path of involution, to trace these inner forces higher and higher up to their source.

The Energetic Continuum

This approach offers a new paradigm to the health enthusiast, meditator and spiritual aspirant. Our life force is not only something we extract and refine from dense physical matter. In fact, we receive much less energy from external sources than we do the internal one (atma shakti). A central theme of ours, which will appear again and again, is therefore – to first conserve the spiritual power that is at the nuclear core of our being, before experimenting with ways to increase it.

Everything in existence is a part of this never-ending ebb and flow of energy. The better that life force can flow through a system, the more vitality, strength and awareness that organism can enjoy. A poor flow of energy relates directly to stagnation in the health of both body and mind. When there are energetic blockages in the subtle body – the result is a dull and slow mind, depleted energy levels, decreased health and degeneration.

Blockages in the subtle energy body occur mostly from internal mental influences manifesting outwardly, such as stress, nervous tension, self-destructive beliefs, guilt, shame, excessive fear, etc. However, blockages in the energy body can also occur from the grosser levels of our being – that is, the physical body – such as from toxins and a poor diet. Energetic blockages also occur from disruptions to ‘natural living’, such as poor lifestyle habits, poor diet, trauma, chronic stress, etc.

The physical postures in hatha yoga are a powerful method for correcting the circulation and overall flow of prana through your body, thus removing blockages in the energy body and allowing you to increase your vitality, stop the degeneration of the body at the cellular level, and enjoy feeling a higher charge of life force energy.

Yoga teaches that anyone can do even the most advanced postures, the source of the limiting rigidity and stiffness in the body is actually the mind. Just as the mind affects the body, the body can be used to affect the mind. This is one of the key philosophies of yoga. By becoming more flexible, the mind becomes more adaptable. By improving the balance of the body, we are improving the balance within our mind.

Two Sources Of Prana – Internal And External

Prana is the essential life force bio-energy of all physical manifestations. Everything that comes into existence does so first with the permission of prana. Our quality of life is directly related to the health and quantity of the prana we are able to retain.

Prana flows from within in the form of atma shakti, spiritual power, and descends into forming the various levels of our being – such as the psyche, mind, emotions and physical body. This is the causal level of prana which is self-born and is the true source of our lives. When we become Self realized we simultaneously become fully aware that we are self-sustained.

A yogi can live for years without any external forms of nourishment, when they have learned to draw the atma shakti down from the crown chakra with the kundalini shakti rising up from the root chakra.

Prana also flows from outside, in the form of Maha Prana, which is converted into various sources of tangible energy. The sun, for example, converts Maha Prana into intense heat and light through the process of nuclear fusion. Solar energy is then brought to the earth in the form of photons, which is captured, stored and transferred through various organic lifeforms.

The external prana is converted from matter back to more subtle levels of bio and mental energy. External prana becomes sexual energy when it concentrates in the human body. This is also known as kundalini shakti. When the sexual energy of kundalini becomes strong enough it initiates a powerful surge, which attracts the spiritual power of atma shakti to descend once again and permanently increase the overall vibrations of the entire body/mind complex.

The external prana, which becomes kundalini shakti, can therefore been seen to be similar to a magnet, or the detonator which draws down the spiritual power from above; spiritualizing, rejuvenating and enlightening the aspirant.

The Yogic Lifestyle – Conserving And Increasing Prana

Although prana shakti does not register on scanning equipment as electricity, prana shakti does actually have a certain electrical charge, which can be experienced at times. Prana charge is the vital charge within all living things that initiates and sustains the physical body. Prana also has a certain amount of heat. It is the source of the bio thermal heat within organic matter.

There is an opposite polarity to prana shakti, which is the mental power of manas shakti. Prana shakti is the vital force, seen as heat, which sustains the physical body. Manas shakti is the mental force, seen as light, which sustains the mind. These are the two microcosmic polar forces in the human body.

In yoga, we are interested in increasing our awareness, becoming more wakeful and alert. This increase in mental power, manas shakti, is achieved indirectly by focusing on increasing the vital power of prana shakti. This is because when the vital power is increased, the mental power will also increase to balance itself out. However, if the mental power is increased without the vital power to support it, it can lead to neurosis and psychological disorders. That is why we always focus on increasing prana shakti in yoga, and never work with increasing manas shakti directly.

Practical Application:

  1. Conserve mental energy: Strive for an inner congruence between your intentions, thoughts, words and actions. Do not waste any energy on anything that does not align with your underlying intention for that objective.
  2. Conserve vital energy: Eat moderately. Eat plenty of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. Live in as much harmony with the rhythms and patterns of nature as possible. Drink plenty of fresh water. Detox often and avoid ingesting toxins. Avoid allowing stress, lust and anger to drain your vital energy. Avoid idle chatter, gossip, and chit chat; rather, give the love of your attention to really listen, and seek to understand more often than seeking to be understood.
  3. Breath consciously and powerfully: Correct breathing is through the nostrils. Breath deep into the abdomen and be sure to release any nervous tension in the diaphragm and other muscles of respiration.
  4. Do more yoga: Use yoga postures to increase flexibility and therefore correct any energetic blockages that might have been causing a stagnation of mental and vital energies. The popular series of postures called Sun Salutations, or Surya Namaskara, offers a powerful way to both unblock stagnated energy and increase prana shakti in the body.
  5. Gayatri mantra: By chanting the Gayatri mantra 11 times each morning you are awakening prana shakti within pingala nadi and increasing pranic levels in your subtle body. This is not for everybody, but is a very POWERFUL way to start off your day! Give it a try…

How Prana Determines Your Quality Of Life

We have the strongest surge of prana when we are the youngest. When prana is flowing strong one feels as if they are invincible, at their peak, and on top of the world. When our pranic levels drop we experience stagnation, low motivation, depression and degeneration.

The yogic lifestyle is centered around methods to naturally preserve and increase prana. A yogi whose prana shakti has been awakened can draw prana from many sources, such as directly from the sun, a lightning storm, sex, the breath, and when kundalini shakti has fully awakened – from the core of their being in the form of spiritual power, atma shakti.

The Fruit Of Prana Yoga

There are many ways to increase ones quantity of prana shakti. However, this will come intuitively and in the beginning it is most vital to learn to conserve your vitality. There is no use trying to fill a pot that has leaks in it. First one must learn the art of energy conservation. The two biggest enemies to the prana yogi are lust and anger. These two things drain us of all excess vitality and leave us energetically bankrupt.

When one has been able to conserve their vital life force energy and built up a very large surge of prana there is an activation of prana shakti in the form of kundalini awakening. When the kundalini shakti awakens everything changes. Mantras give immediate fruit, one is able to access deep intuitive wisdom and enjoy many various spiritual experiences. It is the sexual energy of kundalini that draws spiritual energy from your atman, or spirit. Before the awakening of kundalini shakti, spirituality is mostly an intellectual head trip. After the awakening, however, spirituality is now a living breathing part of your every day reality.

Sri Devidas was born in southern California and had a strong spiritual connection from a very early age. In 2006 Sri Devidas received shaktipat diksha from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, and experienced the awakening of kundalini shakti. In 2007, he received initiation in a tantric form of kriya yoga. Beginning in 2008 Sri Devidas lived as a brahmacharin in a yoga ashram in northern India, Rikhiapeeth, and studied with many Swamis during his residency. In 2015 he was initiated into Kaula Tantra and began Sri Vidya uppasana.

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